I learnt my lesson

It was a long weekend for all of us. But it was a terrible one for me. I ate something wrong on Thursday, drank a few crappy Tiger Beers at night and viola! I ended up with a super bad tummy ache that lasted three days and I couldn’t stay far from the house toilet. No outings no nothing for three good days. It was terrible! The constant abdominal pains which I couldn’t sleep soundly as well as the frequent bitter Chinese pills which I have can’t get it pass my throat.

I thought I had it worst. But no. The worst feeling is not a hunger that you can’t satisfy or a stomach ache that leaves you weak. It’s having both at the same time and all the time. It got so bad that I can’t differ shade if I was hungry or just having cramps. I can’t eat much and I can’t eat a lot of things. Even home-cooked plain porridge is enough to make running for the toilet.

I tried all sorts of remedies too. I rubbed the entire bottle of medicated oil all day and all night. I tried sitting upright instead of lying on my back but to no avail. Even the time tested secret remedy of eating sliced pineapples only gave temporary relief instead of the standard desired outcome. I only saw the doctor today after three days of self-medication or more like, it was beyond what I can endure and my parents constant nagging. Well, I felt almost better after consuming the prescribed medicine.

Looking back, I can only blame myself for eating ill-prepared soft boil eggs. I’m pretty darn sure they were the cause of my food poisoning saga. The two beers just aggravated my condition.  Sometimes I think eating at the coffeeshop is far more hygienic than dining at cafes and restaurants. You pay more only for the ambience and their rental but it does not reflect any more than that.

I learnt my lesson and will be more careful the next time I put anything near my mouth.

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