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Between ZX and I, Island Creamery is almost always at the back our mind. I can’t remember the number of times we visited the palour at Cluny Court since we got together way back in 2012. It’s almost like our favourite hangout place so if you happen to see us there, just say hi alright?

Personally, I like to think Island Creamery as one of the best ice cream palours you can even visit in Singapore. Their handmade ice creams with exotic local flavours are some of the best well-known ones in Singapore. From the oozing marshmallow of ZX’s favourite Milo Ping Pong to my most revered Chendol scoop and let’s not forget about my all-time favourite, Coconut Sobert!

On most occasions, I will always try out something new and this time, I managed to try out Pulut Hitam. which I have been recommended by many who came before me. It taste almost like the Malay pudding dessert only frozen. My heart would seriously bleed for you if you dislike it. Easily the best flavour among all. Their Mango Sorbet on the other hand was marginal. Maybe I have always prefer mango ice creams to be richer or maybe I had better ones before?

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While you won’t find any scoop of chocolate ice cream here, you will be contended with a scoop of their Blackforest ice cream with cherries soaked in liquor from within.  What more could I ask if I have a slice of Apple Pie on sight? It really is seeking the sweeter things in life don’t you agree?

All in all, if you’re seeking a nice place to relax and enjoy the afternoon with a friend or a book, Island Creamery at Serene Center (Cluny Court) is definitely a place to go. For me, I just wonder when will be our next visit…

Island Creamery
Serene Centre #01-03
10 Jalan Serene, Singapore 258784
Tel: +65 6468 8859

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