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My hometown of Singapore has no shortage of good ice cream palours but time and time after again I just can’t to seem to get enough of those awesome ice creams from Island Creamery. Even if it means travelling out of the way just to savour my favourite Pulut Hitam. Like a bee attracted to a bright yellow flower, it’s a must-have a sure get whenever I pay the palour a visit.

Usually two scoops of ice creams are enough to satisfy my teeth tooth. More scoops if I have friends to join me but every once in a while, just for old time sake, we would order a slice of oreo mud pie to share and delight in. It’s awesome I tell you, especially when you have it just out of the fridge not too long ago.

Crumbly like a pie and still chocolatey like most of their chocolate infused flavours. Just so to let you know they have nutella and chocolate hazelnut but above all, there’s always the alcoholic Black Forest which I adore. Everything is nice to have and nicer to share but the nicest feeling is to be engage in endless conversation or simply get lost in your lover’s eyes.

Romantic isn’t it?

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I found it silly to proclaim how Teh Tarik ice creams taste just like the actual drink. It felt like revelation at that point when I first took a scoop into my mouth. Until my dinner partner gave me a “don’t make yourself a fool” look…

I think once in a while, it’s best to enjoy ice creams in solemn too.

The place is always pack. It will be lucky if you could find a table among students and lovers who seem to take their time enjoying their sweet treats in good company. To be honest, that’s what I do too. There’s simply no need to finish everything in a rush.

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If only my house is just beside my favourite ice cream palour.

I swear I will be heading there every other day!

Island Creamery
Serene Centre #01-03
10 Jalan Serene, Singapore 258784
Tel: +65 6468 8859

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