It’s all worth it

The distance between us is getting further. We hardly talk these days and on the days we do text and talk, I could barely hold a proper conversation with you. You’re always busy on your phone, whatapp-ing someone else or checking your social media while I could only look at you wondering if you know I am sitting opposite you. Am I boring you or am I just there as a person accompanying you so you won’t feel alone?

I seriously hate that. I have never been so insulted in my life but then again, I don’t think I have ever been angry with you for more than a day. I know I can’t ask much of you and I don’t expect you to be sitting in my shoes.

But honestly I do ask myself and a few other close friends if you’re worth my time. Obviously my friends think otherwise but I know what I want. The moment I think of you and all the little things you say and do is enough to make me smiling from within. You have a lot of flaws but it’s all part of the package of loving someone like you.

Are you worth it all?

Of course you are~

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