It’s Tiong Bahru and not Tiong Barhu?!

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Remember the first Harry Potter movie scene which Ron goes it’s leviosa not leviosar and Hermione went face red? That’s exactly how I felt when my friend told me it’s Tiong Ba-hru and not Tiong Bar-hu! Nahhhh I wasn’t really pissed off at this friend of mine pinpointing my error. Rather I was mad at myself for being oblivious to the misspelling for this while. I mean for someone who would read and read and read some more before & after publishing one post, it’s really an oversight on my part. But really it’s only one tiny winy little wrong. There’s no need to freak out right?

Yah right and blame it on my perfectionist by default nature. I can’t stand nor tolerate at the idea of knowing something is wrong yet not doing anything about it. So I set out and commence the change. I thought it should be within an hour or two and that’s where reality stops. That was when my nightmare truly starts…

DSC_0652.NEF (FILEminimizer)One post. Two posts. Three posts and it doesn’t seem to stop! Even two days later (and I hope there won’t be more), I’m still seeing misspellings. Even reviews that has nothing to do seemed to have wrong written in between the lines! Tiong Bahru this Tiong Bahru that. It really gets on my nerve!

Then I realised I probably go there too often. I go there in my free time and I’m still there even I’m not exactly free. I mean it’s such a good place to hang out and chill. It’s still considered central; within my radar range of orchard city hall or dhoby ghaut so my friends in the north and west can’t say I’m bias to make them meet me in the east. And the best thing I love about this place- I actually get to walk ALOT before or after a meal. Very important given the fact that I don’t love exercising as much as eating. At times when I had the entire day to myself, I would just walk on and on to what? Nearby Duxton Hill or even downtown if the weather is cozy and fine.

DSC_0432.NEF (FILEminimizer)Alright alright. I digressed a bit and my point? I think I have finally changed all the misspellings to the correct spelling. It’s already a habit that I spell Tiong Bahru the wrong way and you won’t even be aware unless you’re that discerning like my friend.

Gosh I love this place and finally my guide to Tiong Barhu has been fully updated. Check it out if you’re going to this place for late afternoon tea or even a Sunday family brunch. For me, I think it’s time to embark on a new personal project. What’s it going to be? I shall tell you in time to come!

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