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One of my favourite hobby is to have an afternoon tea with somebody nice for company. Surely ZX would agree since she’s always there sipping her favourite coffee drink. She’s my best tea partner and I always look forward to a pig-out session with her.

Tucked along the fourth floor of the posh Mandarin Gallery was Jone The Grocer, some of the finest gourmet cafe in town. A place I thought worth for tea after much shopping along Orchard street. I can always enjoy a good afternoon tea but leisure sure doesn’t come easily, much likeĀ  their Cappuccino (5.00) and Mocha ($5.50). They sure aren’t cheap but it was a good caffeine fix. That’s what you get if you visit gourmet cafes…

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What’s tea without something sweet? Consider their Strawberry Shortcake ($6.50)? A cube of sweet sandwich. Chantilly cream may look excessive and fattening but it was light and very delicious. Once in a while, it’s good to let loose and enjoy something good!

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Good things often come in a pair and I thought why not get something cheesy like a slice of Oreo Cheesecake ($6.50). Honesty speaking, it was something not worth praising but I heard much relish about their red velvet cakes but never had the chance to try it. Maybe I will have it on my next visit?

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Being the excessive me, I like something savoury and sweet to sip. French Earl Grey ($5.50) ought to do the trick! But as minutes turned to hours, we suddenly got a little bit hungry and decided to proceed from tea to brunch!

It wasn’t a weekday so there’s no breakfast served (8.30am – 12pm) and we had missed the weekend brunch (8.30am – 3pm) so we flipped the menu, seeking something that will satisfy our hunger pangsĀ  and I thought Croque Madame (20.50) would do just the trick…

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I thought it was gonna be something great but when it appeared on our table, I felt a pinch on my already thinned wallet. I don’t doubt the ingredients they put in my French sandwich but I expected more since I can get one at much affordable rates…

If you’re seeking somewhere nice for brunch along the streets of Orchard Road, I suggest you seek somewhere else. Especially if you’re a student. Stick to their desserts and drinks and you will do just fine. Personally, I prefer their outlet at Dempsey Hill where I can enjoy the early morning Sun over something sweet.

Jones The Grocer
Mandarin Gallery #04-21-23
333A Orchard Road, Singapore 238897
Tel: +65 6836 6372

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