La Petite Cuisine Serene Center Singapore: Unpretentious & comforting French food

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My love for all dish French started many years ago on my first visit to the humble yet cozy French bistro known to all as La Petite Cuisine. It changed my perception towards luxury food. Especially when it comes to French cuisine which has a “notorious” reputation for being overpriced and expensive. But if you ever dine at La Petite Cuisine, you will rarely find any dish with a price tag more than $20.

Doesn’t La Petite change your mind about French Cuisine being simple and affordable like Poulet or Saveur too?

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My dinner partner and I started off our unpretentious meal with their Escargots With Croissant ($14.00) or as I like to call escargots in croissant. Neither the escargots nor the croissant were impressionable but the savoury gravy drizzled all over it sure was superbly heavenly! Considering that I ordered this as an appetizer, the portion would do just fine as an entree too.

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Foie gras has always been my favourite starter. You can’t really go wrong with the rich flavours emitted soon after it melts within your mouth. (That is provided you don’t burnt it.) Coupled with richer dark sauce with sweet citrus orange confit and violia! Heaven is within reach! Even more so when heaven comes in pairs and that’s what La Petite’s Pan Fried Foie Gras With Orange Confit ($18.50) is all about…

If there’s any dish that reflects La Petite Cuisine unpretentious and affordable French cuisine, it would surely have to be the Confit De Canard ($17.00) or as I like to call it; duck confit. It’s a must-have for me every time I visit the French bistro. I simply adore the crispy yet tender duck leg resting on a shallow of rich reduction sauce. I don’t usually have this considering it is awfully sinful and artery-clotting since it’s a piece of duck leg cooked in its fat. It was such a pity that the French chef wasn’t in the kitchen preparing this dish on the night of my visit or else it will be even more enjoyable…

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Because I always stick to my comfort food whenever I visit them, I hardly try anything else on their menu. I have to be honest that I was hesitant to order their Sirloin Steak ($16.50) since I’m always disappointed by the quality that differs so much from steak speciality place.

But it turns out my fears were unfounded! Served medium-rare as I always request for all my beef cuts, La Petite sure did not disappoint us with their tender slabs of steak. Their potato gratin served as their side dish was a nice compliment to the dish.

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La Petite Cuisine is a nice place to have something French without feeling a pinch in your pockets. I mean where else would you duck confit under $20 and still taste as good as those bistros in Paris or Marseille? While they might have another outlet at Upper Thomson, I will always make my way down to their main shop at Serene Center, Bukit Timah should I need to satisfy my cravings for French food. Just pray hard that you will find a table since the place is small and it does get really crowded at night.

As for desserts…

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They do have desserts like caramel pudding and tarte tartin on their menu or you can always make your way next door and have ice creams instead…

La Petite Cuisine
Serene Centre, #01-05
10 Jalan Serene Singapore 258748
Tel: +65 6468 8850
Tue to Sun: 11:30 to 14:30
Tue to Sun: 17:30 to 21:30
Closed on Mons

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