Leong Yeow Famous Waterloo St Hainanese Chicken Rice Singapore

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There’s some history behind this famous chicken rice stall at Waterloo Street tied with my family. It was said that back in the good old days at the same exact coffeeshop, my maternal grandparents were running their hawker business selling curry fish head just next to Leong Yeow Chicken Rice stall.  Over time, my maiden family befriended the stall’s ladyboss whom my mum and aunt addressed her as 鸡饭阿嫂 or chicken rice auntie if you take it in literal Cantonese language.

My maiden family has long ceased their hawker business at Waterloo Street while they continue on becoming one of  Singapore’s top 10 rated chicken rice stall. Since then, my family has been keeping contact with their family and the tradition of visiting their chicken rice stall still continues into my generation. Indeed what is so special or unique about their chicken rice that they deserve a long queue during lunch hours?

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Maybe it’s because they have a secret recipe to prepare their whole chicken that keeps people asking for more. Perhaps people are just comforted to know that the ladyboss still stands strong, skillfully slicing and removing meat from bone despite being in her sixties going seventies. Just in case, ladyboss needs to entertain troublesome friends like my family who loves to chat and gossip, she got her own successors, mainly her children whom have their fair amount of experience manning the stall.

Chicken rice as we all know comes in mainly two variations. Mainly steamed or roasted depending on personal preference. I always love my poultry steamed and drizzled with a generous amount of soy sauce  that makes the super tender meat moist. Forget about cholesterol and clotted arteries, if I’m having a good plate of chicken for lunch, I might as well have the entire bird with the fatty skins on too!

Dipped the meats into their self-made spicy garlic chili sauce to go with your oily rice and you can be certain to say Leong Yeow definitely the title Famous Waterloo St Hainanese Chicken Rice on its signboard.

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I’m no fan of roasted chicken but I don’t find every other stall that does the same as Leong Yeow. The meat is still the same as you steamed ones but with an added twist. The chewy texture of the skin sure adds a new funky experience to eating a commonly found dish.

Forget about Tian Tian which I think is over-rated with their ridiculously long queue or Chatterbox and their overpriced food. If I want some of the best chicken rice in Singapore, I will just head down Waterloo Street and order Leong Yeow Hainanese Chicken Rice instead.

They have another outlet at Queen Street Food Centre manned by another family member and both are equally famous with almost the same exact long queue during lunch time. But for me and my family, their Waterloo Street outlet is always the preferred place. Especially for my grandmother when she can catch up all the good old times with her friends like she always does.

Leong Yeow Famous Waterloo St Hainanese Chicken Rice
Waterloo Centre #01-29
261 Waterloo Street, Singapore 180261
Tel: +65 6334 3989

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  1. FoodieFC

    How come the amount of chicken in your plate looks like double layer of what I usually get!?

    • thedessertprince

      Is it? Looks almost the same portion like any others. Maybe it’s because my family and their family are good friends so there’s a few more extra pieces?

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