Life is like a book

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Life is like a book. Fill with pages and captured in chapters. Every page, more than just words; Every chapter, more than mere memories. (Let’s not forget the occasional verses which we all love to summarise  and quote.) There are so many different types of books but let me just name a few:

Life is like a reference book. We all love to cross-refer and compare one’s life to another. But what do we see and feel? Green with envy or red as a sunburned hippo? Maybe you might think it’s a joke!

Life might also be a novel book. A couple of plots. A handful of passerby and maybe just a few main characters. Based on factual experiences or fabricated truths. It’s really up to you. After all, you’re the author of your own book.

I like to think life is like a story book. Those that children love to read before going to bed. It can be an adventure of your lifetime like how Aladdin takes the princess on a magic carpet ride. It can be anything you wish life is to be. Only if you remember to pen everything in words that is.

Whatever book your life might be, just remember living life to the fullest doesn’t mean living life to the happiest. It means experiencing the sweet and bitter things in life. Experiencing life at its best and appreciating the finer things in life.

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