Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice Eating House South Buono Vista Road: The end of a legacy

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Decades of braising and serving what is widely considered as the best braised duck in Singapore, the people behind Lim Seng Lee will be serving their final plate on 22 June 2013. It’s one of those tragedy we so frequently hear because there’s a lack of successor to continue on the legacy…

You might think that it’s just another over hyped store but if you have to ask me, it’s a stall where family, friends and food meets nostalgia. I mean just how many braised duck store could tell the world that they have been serving the same dishes for 45 years? Yes, there might be but I believe the numbers are far and few…

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Located along the entwining roads of South Buona Vista, the famous stall is by no means easily accessible especially if you have someone like me who reside in the east. But if you know where’s Haw Par Villa is then surely you will find the place. The place’s nothing grand like the restaurants you find amidst the city. Strictly unpretentious with a limited variety of dishes. Just about everyone is having the same mains and sides on their table; duck, eggs, gizzards and the occasional toufu and sambal kang kong.

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 It’s all about the food so who will really care if they serve them in a messy way? It’s good and it’s worth all the wait!

The duck was good. Tender and better tasting compared to many stalls out there but what makes the duck stands off has surely got to be the sauce drizzled graciously upon it. It’s not overpowering and yet very delicious. So much so that I could down a few bowls of rice just with that thick brown sauce. But just hold on a minute and continue reading on…

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It ain’t cheap that’s for sure. At a whooping price of $40 for a whole duck, Lim Seng Lee might just be one of the most expensive braised duck I had in my life. But that’s the thing about quality. It comes at a price but still people flock down, filling the shop and expecting to savour the supposedly best braised duck in Singapore!

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Just look at the queue. It speaks much about them. Wouldn’t you agree? It’s such a sad sight to see Lim Seng Lee go if you have to ask. I think all of us should visit the place and savour what’s it feels to have braised duck in a nostalgic stall just like the good old days before their legacy come to an end…

Many thanks to Openrice for invitation.

Lim Seng Kee Duck Rice Eating House
38 South Buono Vista Road
Singapore 118164
Tel: +65 6475 9908
Note: This place has closed down.

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