I have a logo now!

I never expect anything big when I start my blog and honestly? I am very attach to it. thedessertprince is a part of me and I absolutely love every bit of what I do on here. So three years later, with the help of one or two photoshop pros and I’m ready to say I finally have my own logo!

Nothing too pompous just my pen name with a crown of it. Simple enough but I still think having a personalised coat of arms is still very cool. But for that, I will need a little more “professional” help. How do you think about my logo? Any inputs?

It’s the third day of 2015 and I have been thinking about really BIG plans but things are still quite sketchy so I shall not disclose too much for now. I have thought about my working theme for this year. Keeping It Simple. Just like what my blog skin reflects now~

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