Manhattan Fish Market, Bugis+ Singapore: Is it worth the deal?

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I don’t have an unlimited set of funds to finance my foodie expedition all the time. In fact, after I started my first job, I don’t even ask my mum for allowances since I totally believe in being financially independent. That’s why I’m always looking for good deals to justify the cash in my wallet is well-spent!

I managed to find out that Manhattan Fish Market is having a $3.99 promotion on their Fish & Chips from 1st June 2013 to 5th June 2013. I hardly visit Manhattan for their food because I find their quality marginal and overpriced. So when I saw their promotion, I just had to rationalise to myself that it’s definitely worth spend my money on.

But is it really worth the deal?


I don’t think so.

First of all, when I saw the fish & chips on their offer menu, I would expect my food to be served exactly the same from the menu. But when our food did arrive on our table, I was shocked to see my fried fish and fries in a paper holder (See first image.) and NOT on a metal pan instead. I could totally understand that using paper holder can free up more manpower from doing the dishes especially when you’re expecting a crowd to arrive just for the special offer.

I am a visual person and I like my food served as the images in the menu is showed. If it isn’t visually enticing, then why would I want order it in the first place right? Or at least that’s my mentality when it comes to food worth putting in my mouth.

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Apart from the stale fries and bland rice, the main highlights were inconsistent with size. One was larger than the holder while another seemed like it shrink and curl like a cooked prawn. Then again, for the kind of price they tagged on their food, what more should I expect?

The same can’t be said on their Grilled Dory Fillet ($3.99) which my friend say he totally regret.

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Whenever I ask my fellow friends out for dinner, I like to order something extra just to share. I thought the Cheesy Nacho Chips ($6.95) looks huge enough for four person to share over light-hearted conversations.

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I was expecting the chips to be served first while we wait patiently for our main dish to come but I’m guessing they forgot about it since I still have to remind them to serve it up halfway into my main course. To my dismay, it looked like someone ripped open a packet of crackers and messily sprinkled the chips around a cup of half-filled lukewarm cheese.

¬†For that kind of price, I might as well make it myself in the kitchen! Don’t you think so?

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Overall I don’t think you should expect visually enticing and quality food from Manhattan Fish Market. I was expecting a long queue for such an affordable deal but there was hardly a queue when we visited their Bugis+ outlet. It was also weird that they dont serve water during this period and my take? Just finish up your fish quickly and get your drinks somewhere else.

Do note that all Manhattan Fish Market outlet will not be taking in reservation during the promotion period.

Manhattan Fish Market
Bugis+ #04-07
201 Victoria Street
Singapore 188067
Tel: +65 6884 9567
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm daily

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