Milk And Honey Gelato Bedok North Singapore III

IMG_2546 (FILEminimizer)I frequent this gelato parlour far more than any other cafes. Yet, every intentional visit left me with more questions than satisfaction. I have a lot of queries like – Why is there inconsistency in my earl grey mint? Sometimes, there is more earl grey and no hints of mint whilst at other times, I only taste all mint and no tea?

Or why my favourite yuzu no longer taste citrusy but instead an over-the-top sourness with heavy hints of bitterness? And could someone explain to me why on certain days their gelatos resemble icy sorbets than smooth creamy actual gelatos?IMG_2921 (FILEminimizer)As much as I do not wish to publish unfavourable reviews, it does not justify my continuous return to this place. Clearly, there are shortfalls in the production process and no quality checks in place to ensure consistency in standards of their premium gelatos. Honestly, I have no idea what had happened. All I know was my first review and the recent invitation no longer reflect what it is now. Very disappointing indeed. I wished I could have some answers but I doubt I would be able to get them from the part-timers.

I am surprised that they still have a crowd almost every night. I guess that is because they are now already an established brand in Bedok North but serious gelato fan will probably head elsewhere instead.IMG_2906 (FILEminimizer)In fact, I have noticed the ice cream cafe, IScream, which is just a stone’s throw away from Milk And Honey for quite some time but unfortunately, I do not have the opportunity to drop by yet. Soon perhaps but I heard quite a few unfavourable opinions from my friends. Nevertheless, I shall only judge when I pay them my first visit.

Maybe then, I will associate ice creams instead of gelatos the next time I think of Bedok North. But for now I will not be recommending Milk And Honey to anyone till they improve on their standards.

Update as of 5th Nov 2014:
I received a call from one of Milk & Honey Gelato partner and he has clarified with me the following:

1. The icy gelatos were a result of soaking the scoop in clean water. Whenever there’s orders, they will dry it with cloth. However, when demand is high, they do not have time to constantly change the cloth. This causes the gelatos  to have more water content which freezes inside the freezer.

2. They will review the various flavours and make adjustments accordingly to suit the majority preferences.

3. Earl Grey Mint has been taken out of the menu.

Milk & Honey Gelato
Block 86 Bedok North Ave 4
Singapore 460086
Tel: +65 9838 0687
Tue to Thu & Sun: 8:00 am to 12:00 midnight
Fri & Sat: 11:00 am to 1:00 am
Closed on Mondays

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