Mu Liang Zai Liang Kee Restaurant 木亮仔亮记餐馆 Havelock Road Singapore

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Birthdays are perfect excuses to have something good. I’m a glutton and I like to eat so I wont deny it. You can have it anyway and every way you fancy and everyone will just say Yes let’s go eat something tasty! That’s what I love about celebrating birthdays with people and food. Such an joyous occasion I would say…

Even more when you have different variety of dish to share with a large group of like-minded foodies. Having cze char is a nice alternative to the usual buffet meals. For we can divide the cost and order more food to try and possibly still have room for more!

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Mu Liang Zai Liang Kee Restaurant 木亮仔亮记餐馆 is one of those nice cze char restaurants to consider. The name is quite a mouthful to pronounce so between me and my foodie friends, we just like to call the place Liang Kee 亮记. It does not help to know that there are two other restaurants that shares the same name. I am not interested in the family squabble so as long as the food is good and fantastic. I might just visit the other ones in the future but just to be clear, this review you are reading now is one of the other Liang Kee opened by Ng Hong Seng, one of Elder Ng’s son.

Situated along the shophouses of Havelock Road, just behind Beo Crescent Food Centre is the Teochew restaurant with its rustic and old school interior to peer though. The place is small with just 8 to 10 large tables along the sides. Nothing fancy like the hotels I dine but what is ambiance when you have impressionable delicious food!

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Being in a Teochew restaurant means you will find traditional dish that defines Teochew food. While I might arrive with a Cantonese descent, I could sure enjoy a plate of chilly Teochew Pig’s Feets in Aspic ($10.00). I’m just glad that I’m still able to find this dying dish in our modernised society.

Not everyone could appreciate such a dish but if you aren’t a great fan of something gelatin, their Beancurd with Minced Meat (Small: $12.00, Big: $15.00) might just interest you. With their generous toppings of minced pork and  huge portion of those well deep-fried beancurds are pleasure to the taste buds.

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Orh neng is how we say Fried Fresh Oyster with Egg (Small: $12.00, Big: $16.00) in Teochew. You can’t go wrong with oil, eggs and fresh oyster over a big fire. Or can you?

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Another eggy alternative to your greens is the Simmered Chinese Spinach with Two types of Egg (Small: $10.00 Big: $14.00). You might be thinking what are the two eggs in the name. I remember slurping salted and century eggs in the vegetable broth but apart from that, I only recall calling it great.

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Or consider Yellow Chives Leaf (Small: $9, Big: $13) to share. I swear they were generous with their huge fresh prawns! Definitely more than enough to share for a table of 10.

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Like I once said before

Every cze char stall should have their own signature dish but at this Liang Kee outlet, it has got to be their Crispy Golden Dragon Chicken (Small: $15.00, Big: $30.00). What makes the dish unique is the way their prepare it. On the top side it might just look like an ordinary chicken skin dish. But looks are superficial. Sometimes you just have to look deeper or in this case, filp it over…

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See the white underside of the skin? It’s actually cuttlefish meat. This is as unique as it gets. For one simple looking dish, you actually have two different ingredients in the making. Coated with generous amounts of sesame seeds just makes the dish more addictive and you will crave for more.

If this isn’t their signature dish then I don’t know what is already…

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To sum up my entire experience with this particular successor outlet of the original Liang Kee restaurant, this is one place to consider if you’re looking for somewhere central to have a nice lunch and dinner with friends and family alike. The food might fare slightly more than the rest but the quality is sure to make you return back.

If you ever walk down further, you might chance upon another shop call G7 Liang Kee Restaurant. I read that that was the original place where Liang Kee all begin after moving out from their place at the now-defunct Ellenborough Market. Family conflicts are just something we outsiders never understand. Maybe I shall find a time to visit G7 Liang Kee as well as the one at Whampoa West and see what’s the difference in their Teochew dishes…

Mu Liang Zai Liang Kee Restaurant
719 Havelock Rd, Singapore 169644
Tel: +65 6272 3182

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  1. Celia

    Hi thanks for the post! I did not even know there are 3 Liang Kees!

    May I check the year of this post, just to ensure I don’t burst my budget if I go this restaurant for my mum’s birthday?

    • thedessertprince

      I went last year, my family ordered at least 8 dishes (including desserts) didnt cost more than 250. It’s more heartland price. I highly recommend you to make reservations as there are nights that they are full house.

      • Celia

        Cool thank you very much!
        I just made the reservation!

        • thedessertprince

          I hope you enjoy it. Drop me an email let me know if you and your family enjoyed it.

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