My Taste Ang Mo Kio Singapore: Unpretendious place with good beverages

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The agenda for the morning was to have a hearty breakfast at Next Door Deli and grab some of those old school buttercream cakes from Pine Garden as gifts for our lecturers. But life can be full of uncertainties especially when you aren’t sure what time will they start business. True enough we were disappointed to know that we came too early. We could have waited for an hour or so but why bother if we can head to another place right?

We managed to find another cafe just down the street selling mostly old school desserts of every kind and dim sum dishes. It’s quite easy to know what they sell since almost all their menu are laminated and stick onto every corner of the shop.

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It was a simple breakfast affair. Nothing too fancy or too expensive with most of their food menu ranging from $2 to $4. I didn’t  expect anything out of this world until I tried their Honey Butter Toast. Just imagine tearing through crisp butter toast messily drizzled in honey, every mouthful is a bliss! They do have other variations but according to the friendly staffs, this is their best-seller and I have no doubts this toast deserves being called the best!

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I’m very well aware they have almost all my favourite old school desserts but it was just too early in the morning for one. Instead I opt for their Hazelnut Ice Coffee which I have to say it was well brewed considering this place resembles like your nearby coffeeshop. But with more variety from your plain cuppa. My partner ordered a nice smooth cup of milk tea which kinda reminds me of the days I spent in Hong Kong sipping tea at the local cha chann teng after shopping.

For a person like me who treat drinks as secondary, this is one place I dare recommend for really good and affordable drinks. And the best part is you can order more without feeling a heavy pinch in your pockets since there’s no GST and service charge involved. If I’m around the area of Ang Mo Kio again, I might just step into this place again for their beverages or desserts. That is provided I managed to reach the shop before they closes at 4.30pm…

My Taste
Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Blk 529 #01-2335
Singapore 560529
Tel: +65 6453 3781

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