Next Door Deli Ang Mo Kio Singapore: Definition of hidden gems

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You would have heard if not read in most reviews of food bloggers like me using certain terms at a higher frequency compared to other words or phrases. Too often perhaps, just to share how enjoyable the dining experience was at any particular place and arousing your inner most lust for food with tempting photos.

So much was done so as to ignite that little spark for yours to check out the place at your own time own target. It is what food blogger like us do best; tempting you sensory gland in the quest for indulgence sake.

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Every word has a special implication. It all depends how you interpret and react to it. Some are just down right simple capturing the neuro aspect of your body with a capital G for good if not excellent. Then you have those complex jargons that fill in the gaps where simpletons can’t.

Of all the common (and rare) jargons used, none is quite as attention seeking as the term, hidden gem. Usually a hint that a particular place is somewhat out of the place if not hard to find, known only to a few and possibly worth checking out because there’s something worth those extra calories.

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Now about Next Door Deli…

I have to confess that Ang Mo Kio might just be the last place in Singapore where I expect to find a cafe sprung in the middle of high rise HDBs and famous hawker stalls. I’m pretty sure unless you work/live in that area or make an effort to explore the area, you will never know there’s a deli just next door!

Everything here reminds me of Ikea’s bistro, with siding doors for the “grab your dessert” concept and settle your bills after you decided or your friends want. One might even suspect if they get most of their furniture from the mega store as well.  Look up by the way, everything they serve are either up the boards or on daily specials.

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Over here, you don’t just eat old school western food like your chicken chop or chicken steak and fish & chips but old school local dishes like curry chicken and whatever you find old school. The food wasn’t out of this world but plain and simple just that we wished there wasn’t so much carbo on our plates.

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I always thought mee siam is noodle in sweet and sour if not spicy gravy so when I saw Next Door Deli rendition of the Siamese noodle, I just wish I didn’t ordered my fish & chips but sink my fork into this stir fried dish.

Overall, lunch was good and there wasn’t a lunch time crowd like the usual. I think we were lucky there was a drizzle out there, keeping them stuck to their office chair with takeaway rice box to spare.

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A somewhat secluded cafe located in an unassuming avenue, with interiors that looks like an Ikea showroom and food made simple and affordable. It’s places like Next Door Deli where you find food bloggers using the term hidden gem.

As for desserts, you can try their margarita chiffon cake or brownie that resembles a popsicle or better yet, grab a few alcoholic ones just next door. Literally next door but that’s another post to share…

Next Door Deli
529 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, #01-2369
Singapore 560529
Tel: +65 6458 6180

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