Outback Steakhouse Millenia Walk

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Hidden amidst all the pubs and bars of Millenia Walk is Outback Steakhouse. Do not belittle this steakhouse just because they have only one outlet in Singapore. Despite having Australian name, Outback originated in Florida during the 1980s and since their inception, they have spanned 1000 steakhouses in 20 over countries. Now that’s something to boost right?

As for me, I am no stranger to them since I have cravings for steaks most of the time. I daresay they have one of the best steaks in town. If not I wouldn’t come back time after time again and still recommend to my friends once in a while right?

Would you just feast your eyes on the juicy slab of  Ribeye  ($39.90). One can opt for more flavours. Maybe drizzle some peppercorn sauce or pair up with grilled onions. But to me, the best way of having steaks is just having it grilled over an open fire and then savouring it plain and simple, medium rare. Honestly speaking, the ribeye was so good that the sides seemed secondary…

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What else could be better than to have something to spread butter and munch upon? Another thing worth sharing is the complementary bread served upon each table. I did a little bit of research and as I am aware, it’s call honey wheat bushbread. Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. I just wished I had another so I wouldn’t always need to share! Such is the mentality of a glutton indeed…

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And who says you can only order steaks at a steakhouse? I always have a good impression of their pastas. Composed of fettuccine tossed with homemade marinara and meat sauces then finish off with fresh basil ribbons and parmesan. And voila! Steakhouse Pasta ($23.90) is one I will recommend!

I love the huge portion of their food which is great for sharing if not more than enough to make a meal for one. Service was also commendable. I have heard about their Lunch Specials but never had the chance to try but I believe there’s always another chance…

Outback Steakhouse
Time 2 @Millenia Walk #01-99
9 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039596
Tel: +65 6837 3242

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