December 28
December 24

Established by the people behind Island Creamery, Burger shack has been one of the popular hangout for student seeking a quick bite after school. True enough, it does get crowded in the afternoons with students busy chatting about the latest news and the occasional gossips that who knows might you or even me?

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December 23

Between ZX and I, Island Creamery is almost always at the back our mind. I can’t remember the number of times we visited the palour at Cluny Court since we got together way back in 2012. It’s almost like our favourite hangout place so if you happen to see us there, just say hi alright?

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December 23

Popular cafes often depicts the typical scene of the busy lunch hours where tables for two and fours are hoard up by families and friends with staffs both busy inside and outside the kitchen. I can imagine that kind of scene during the first one or two months of the famous gourmet cafe from across the Pacific Ocean. Honestly speaking, I almost never enjoy my meals in a explicitly noisy area since it’s distracting to strike a conversation with your partner…

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December 21

Cluttered along the hustle and bustle of Temple Street, Chinatown lies a dessert shop whose name has been synonymous with towering colourful snow ice desserts. I would have never known of Mei Heong Yuen’s existence if ZX didn’t bring me to this old school dessert shop that’s always packed be it rain or shine, day or night. Trust me, we visited the shop almost every other week after our first visit and we always have a hard time finding a table just to enjoy their desserts…

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December 18

While I have no blood relations with any Peranakans, I do have a profound love for Nonya kuehs. It reminds me of an elderly neighbour who always bakes them in the late afternoons and that coconut rich aroma emitted from her kitchen would be more than enough to distract me from catching a Zappos or an Articulo as I scramble next door to take a quick bite of those wonderfully homemade kuehs . Ahh… Those were the days when I was young and childish…

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December 15

The year is coming to an end and like many others celebrating Christmas with one another, it’s also a time to look back and ponder about the deeper things in life.

2012 was a year like no other. A year full of challenges. A twelve months period never fall short of setbacks and disappointments. I think it’s not my intention to start a blog and bog you readers down with my cynical remarks. There’s no point crying over spilt milk and wish you got a second chance to start all over again. I believe that I have done my best in everything I was assigned to and I have no regrets for the consequences I have to face. Sometimes, I just wished life was as sweet as strawberries…

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