November 25

I can’t believe what I just did! I had ice creams not just one but two consecutive days! The best part was I didn’t realise how many sins I’ve committed until I walked out of the store feeling gratified. Opps but ohh well, what’s done is done and ice cream at Udders is almost always worth the extra calories.

I know Udders has quite a few outlets across the island and they recently set up a kiosk right smack in my house area, Tampines but I just have a particular preference with their Novena outlet. I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s a nice place to chill with friends and family alike with ice creams of very kind…

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November 24

Ice creams are one of the best things in life. Although they only come in one shape, they do come in all sort of flavours you can ever imagine and at Tom’s Palette, they just outdo the possibilities every now and then. Some are just awesome like Earl Grey and Yuzu while some are just weird. Anyone willing to try Salted Egg flavour? See what I mean? For your info, I did had a sample once and I still don’t quite like it. Well, at least you can’t fault me for not trying!

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November 22

That sums up my final months as a student of the social work course. We all came with a different cause. I have some of my classmates enrolling into the course with noble intentions and a few others that were inspired by professionals currently or had left the field. Then you have people like me who joined the class for the wrong reason. A careless mistake if I had double if not triple checked my preferences on the enrollment form back then…

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