Park Hotel Group Singapore: Treasures of Mid-Autumn 2014

IMG_11468 (FILEminimizer)Photos by Ching Ting & Danette. Words by thedessertprince.

In preparation of this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, Park Hotel Group is presenting their own series of mooncakes titled: Treasures Of Mid-Autumn. Recognising the importance of gift-giving and exuberant family reunions during the festive period, Park Palace by Grand Park Hotel City Hall has crafted scintillating imperial jewels not just a feast for the eyes and taste buds.

Be dazzled by their gemstone inspired snowskin treats like Golden Cognac Truffle and Imperial Jade & Coconut Truffle. Or intrigued by their their delicate flaky Teochew mooncakes, Golden Yam boosting a light and crispy golden fried outer pastry crust with smooth yam paste encasing a premium salted egg yolk.IMG_1567 (FILEminimizer)IMG_1422 (FILEminimizer)It was a night of fun (although pretty warm since the event was held at the hotel outdoor bar) where invited guests were given the first hand opportunity to sample their treasure themed moon treats.

From traditional baked ones like White Lotus Seed Paste With Single/Double Yolk and Teochew mooncakes with an added twist – Pumpkin and mung bean paste with a single yolk core further amplifying taste and richness. IMG_14W23 (FILEminimizer) IMG_14W26 (FILEminimizer)For invdividuals seeking healthier choices, do consider White Lotus Seed Paste With Macadamia Nuts and the vegetarian Golden Jade With Duo Nuts. I would highly recommend the macadamia nuts not due to healthy choices but genuinely, I love the nutty taste that complements the lotus seed paste. IMG_1433 (FILEminimizer)Their snowskin mooncakes stole limelight that night with their glittering velvety soft skins. Fans of all things alcoholic would fancy their Golden Cognac Truffle In Snowskin exuding fruity notes of premium cognac.IMG_1434 (FILEminimizer)How about the sampling the aromatic pandan snowskin Imperial Jade & Coconut Truffle In Snowskin with refreshing coconut swirl wrapped within a creamy chocolate shell core? Kinda resembles like our local coconut kaya jam without that excessively sweet fruity aftertaste.

Talk about playfulness and you will be reminded by your childhood with their Royal Topaz With Nougat & Chocolate Pops in Snowskin, one of those perfectly infused east meets west combination.

IMG_1435 (FILEminimizer)
Royal Topaz With Nougat & Chocolate Pops in Snowskin

My personal favourite was the Pearly Lychee & Lychee Snowskin and in their own words: “Primed to be a ladies’ favourite and a twist on our snowskin best seller, the Pearly Lychee & Lychee Snowskin tempts with its sweetness and fresh lychees that is chewy with every bite.

I think I just love light and delicate flavours and I think the kitchen team from Park Hotel Group did it pretty well. My only misgiving was that the snowskin mooncakes served that night didn’t last long under the spotlight and humid weather. But I did managed to savour a few more chills ones later in the night to justify they’re worth those calories.IMG_1529 (FILEminimizer)Celebrating such joyous festive, one might consider having something more extravagant. How about popping a bottle of champagne while gazing at the full Moon?

Adding that touch of luxury would be their Imperial Mid-Autumn Gift Set ($128.00) that pairs four baked Sparkling Gold Honey White Lotus Seed Paste With Bird Nest, Walnuts & Carnberry Mooncakes with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne (375ml). Dressed in majestic royal purple fabric,  this gift set is perfect for giving business associates and/or loved ones akin to a majestic tribute.

I would recommend the Royal Mid-Autumn Treasures Gift Set ($75.00) that comes with a selection of four baked mooncakes paired with a bottle of Bottega Gold (200ml). I’ve compared their prices with and without this sparkling wine and it’s only a mere $10 difference. Definitely worth considering but it’s only available in limited quantity and on a first-come-first served basis.  So be sure to order fast! IMG_1670 (FILEminimizer)Guests were also given a box of four baked mooncakes: (From top left clockwise) Golden Jade With Duo Nuts, White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolk, White Lotus Seed Paste With Single Yolk and White Lotus Seed Paste With Macadamia Nuts.

I’m known to be very fussy when it comes to high calories food like mooncakes. Every year, I’m the one in my entire family to decide on mooncake brands so if I buy a box for personal consumption, it better be good and worth my time to diet for. I find Park Hotel Group’s mooncakes were very well-made, their lotus seed paste was smooth and there were consistent in  all their handcrafted products.
IMG_1700 (FILEminimizer)For my readers who are contemplating on getting mooncakes from Park Hotel Group, do quote thedessertprince as mentioned below to enjoy discounts and rebates! Do click on the links to find out more about their mooncakes and credit card promotions,

Until 31 July 2014
25% off total bill and receive
a $20nett F&B voucher if you spend $65nett worth of mooncakes
or a $40nett F&B voucher if you spend $120nett worth of mooncakes

1 August to 8 September 2014

15% + 5% off total bill and receive
a $20nett F&B voucher if you spend $65nett worth of mooncakes
or a $40nett F&B voucher if you spend $120nett worth of mooncakes

To order and enjoy the discounts, please quote “The Dessert Prince” via email or call 6432 5555 only.

*Collection can be done via Grand Park City Hall, Grand Park Orchard and Park Hotel Clarke Quay.IMG_1551 (FILEminimizer)Terms & Conditions for the vouchers :
a. Vouchers are redeemable for dine-in only at Grand Park City Hall (Indulge at Park, Park Palace, The Bar at Coleman, The Deli)
b. Vouchers cannot be combined and only 1 voucher per table.
c. Can be used in conjunction with Indulgence, Park Gold, credit card promotions and other privileges.
d. No minimum spend required for the usage of vouchers
e. This voucher is not exchangeable for cash or in-kind
f. Voucher only valid with hotel’s stamp and authorised signature.
Voucher is to be presented before paying the bill
Vouchers are valid till 14 NovemberIMG_1540 (FILEminimizer)Grand Park Hotel City Hall
10 Coleman Street, Singapore 179809
Note: This is an invited media tasting.

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