Pierre Herme Lemon Macarons

IMG_1044 (FILEminimizer)Another batch of macarons in two weeks? Sure a not?!

Got my share right?

True enough my  friend did reserved a couple for me to try: it’s lemon flavour this time. He wasn’t quite satisfied with what he saw after going through the entire baking process alone. If I could put word in his mouth, I reckon he will go: “OMG! The macarons are a total disaster!” 

Maybe I exaggerated his reaction a bit but he was really upset (over whatsapp). Personally I think this baker friend of mine has a very high personal standard for his craft. If you have to ask me, I reckon he’s a bit too harsh on his ownself. I have paid for expensive, exquisite but terribly done ones and I daresay his are a far cry from them.IMG_1025 (FILEminimizer) Of course I won’t say they are on my top 5 list of good macarons in Singapore yet but it does has a flair on its own. The distinct feet were visible, the crusts were thin and the shell beneath, that much relish soft chewy texture we macarons connoisseur sought after.

It was only too soft upon physical contact and the slightest pressure caused the lemon sugar cookies to collapse. But otherwise, I quite like the tangy flavour. But if there’s anything I’ve learn from my personal attempt of these French sugar cookies is you can’t afford a single mishap.

They are not like your good old chocolate chip cookies and sponge cakes where you can simple add more flour sugar and eggs if the batter doesn’t seem ideal just before you pop in the oven. Macarons are still quite a delicate craft even for experienced bakers but judging from your previous batch and this? I think you’re doing more than just fine.

PS: My ah ma had two and I know she’s eyeing on the remaining two in the fridge.  It does speaks a lot if a 72 years old lady have cravings for them right?

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