Pierre Herme Mocha Macarons

IMG_0303 (FILEminimizer)While I can’t bake at all because the second most important woman in my life just won’t allow me anywhere near her dominion, I’m still fortunate to have friends that can and kind enough to share their by-product of their passion with me.

I guess being me does has its privileges?

I haven’t had a good macaron for a while. Those fancy little French cookies are always so expensive to enjoy in bulks and most places on this tiny red dot just don’t make good enough macarons either. I could ask a friend to buy a tub from Paris famous patisseries on her many trips there but I reckon I shouldn’t take advantage of my friend’s wealth. (I’m quite a poor NSF as of now.)IMG_0299 (FILEminimizer)But then again, why should I be vexing over it when I have another who can bake Pierre Herme’s macarons right on the spot! Yea, your eyes didn’t fool you. PIERRE HERME MACARONS thats what you’re reading.

These are actually mocha flavoured ones. I personally find them a little too overpowering on my first try but having another one later on, I think the coffee taste was just right. I think it’s just me. I prefer floral and fruity ones.

But I definitely rate them on my top list of macarons in Singapore if this friend of mine ever set his mind on opening his own cafe. The feets were well developed and the shells were fairly smooth – signs of a good macarons eh?IMG_0308 (FILEminimizer)I think I’m forbidden to share much about his secrets to good macarons. He runs his online bakery which I will share in time to come. For now I know I can depend on him for a constant supply of macarons.

What a blessed life I lead eh? 

On a side note, my family’s back from their one week stay in the Great Outback. I heard they were staying in a lovely cottage at Hunter Valley. A pity I couldn’t go just because I wanna reserve my leave for other things. At least they didn’t forget me and came back empty handed!

PS: I think there’s enough chocolates and wine to sustain me for the entire year!

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