Pine Garden’s Cake Ang Mo Kio Singapore: That unassuming bakery

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It’s been quite a while since I talk about something sweet. Something like old school like buttercream cakes or even better… Buttercream cakes with a tinge of alcohol taste! Colourful, prettty and irresistible flavoured slice. But the cream between my layered sponge cakes. It better be worth all those calories! Or else, I will be clotting my arteries over something not worth.

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Gone were the days were cakes priced in their twos, threes and fours. I hardly find myself buying them by the bulk and share with like-minded dessert fans. But few cafes and confectioneries still make good and affordable cakes. One of which I know of, Pine Garden just of the streets of Ang Mio Kio avenue 10 does them really good.

Good might just be an understatement considering they have a wide variety of different ones. From the standard coloured buttercream ones like your Triple Layer Chocolate ($2.50) which is surprisingly rich and chocolatey to the more unique and rarely seen Hazelnut Chocolate Crunch ($2.60).

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But what makes Pine Garden more better known for their buttercream cakes than other place are their alcoholic piece. A personal favourite which could justify much craved tea snacks would be their Lychee Martini ($2.50) and Apple Vera Martini ($3.10). The fruity pulps are nice to go with though not everyone would love them as you could barely taste the martini in the cakes.

I think the alcohol content in them is just fine but if you need a bit more kick, maybe Bailey’s Chocolate Crunch ($3.10) and Moscato Soursop ($3.10) or even try Nuttymisu ($6.50), their rendition of the tiramisu.

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There are always alternatives if one’s preference is not quite the same as mine. Orange Zest Chocolate Cakes ($2.60) and the coconut pudding with coconut strips known as Cocotero ($2.60). Like how a hot knife cut through butter, one by one my friends all fell in love with them.

For non-alcoholic fans of all things sweet, try contemplating a slice of Pulut Hitam ($2.60). Easily the winner of all their flavours since it almost always catch people’s attention much like the Malay dessert in its ice cream form. But the cream upon it, I have to say they could cut down and go easy on it.

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Pine Garden’s Cake might be an unassuming bakery with bread and floury snacks all nicely packed on the shelves. But once you try their unique buttercream cakes, I assure you that you wish you could grab a few pieces every now and then. They have two outlets, both are just a corner away from the other. I always visit the one beside Next Door Deli because they seem to have more variety to choose from.


I could just bring in a few slices to Next Door Deli and enjoy them like an after lunch treat.

Pine Garden’s Cake
Blk 529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 #01-2369 / #01-2329
Singapore 560529
Tel: +65 6549 5507 / +65 6456 3552

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  1. sharon tshe

    Wld be getting married sometime in mid sept and wld need the cakes end aug.
    Can u recommend any cakes for pure vegetarian consumption??
    Wld actually need abt 16 boxes of that.
    Looking forward to yr response.


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