Por Kee Eating House Tiong Bahru Singapore II

IMG_2637 (FILEminimizer)Set aside all the increasing number of hyped-up cafes in Tiong Bahru, there could only be three other reasons why I wouldn’t mind travelling all the way down here from the east. First being my favourite Chwee Kueh from Jian Bo. Two; The insanely crowded Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice.

And the third? Well, that has surely got to be that standalone cze char restuarant at 69 Seng Poh Road. Exuding an aura of nostalgia, I daresay Por Kee has withstand the effects of rapid modernisation within the enclave. (I’ve seen quite a number of old brands are being forced out from the area by high rentals.)IMG_2719 (FILEminimizer)They did almost fall into the list of “extinct” eateries when the owners were considering of selling the space. But fortunately for us, the deal failed and they are back in business once more!

I’ve been here countless of times that I could just order without referring to the menu. The unphotogenic but novelty Champagne Short Pork Ribs and silky smooth Homemade Beancurd are on my top list to order here.

I had second thoughts about their Cereal Prawn after scooping pure fried oat into my mouth. It taste stale somewhat lacking with that distinct crisp and buttery feel (not quite like my previous visits). You might stay in the safe zone ordering the cze char classics like Venison With Ginger And Spring Onion, Prawn Paste Chicken as well as Sweet And Sour Pork. But really? those are dishes I wouldn’t come for. IMG_2716 (FILEminimizer)It has never occurred to me that I should order seafood here. I think they do fine as a cze char restaurant but seafood restaurant? They have the standard Hong Kong style and Teochew style steamed fish. But apart from that and various rendition of crabs, there’s really nothing eye catching.

Even though their standards are almost the same to those nearby my house area. I would still recommend people to go Por Kee since there ain’t a lot of old school cze char restaurant left on this island. If you know what are the must orders, then I think you should have a great time here.

IMG_2693 (FILEminimizer)Do make reservations at least a day in advance if you want to sit indoors especially for dinners. They tend to be running on full capacity at night but that just means higher chances of mishaps happening as in my case: stale cereal prawns.

So if you can, come during the weekday lunchtime and enjoy the slightly quieter atmosphere and enjoy 10% discount of your bill too!

Por Kee Eating House 波记海鲜酒楼
69 Seng Poh Lane, Singapore 160069
Tel: +65 6221 0582

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