Poulet Bugis+ Singapore: Another affordable French restaurant in town

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I think when it comes to dishes that fits the elegant and classy criteria of  fine-dining, I would think about carefully crafted if not beautifully plated French food. And sad to say because of this misconception, I find it very hard to convince many of my friends to join me  for meals when I have cravings for something French!

Hence, it has spurred me to seek out affordable places for French food in Singapore to blog about. Located at the fourth floor of the newly revamped Bugis Plus is Poulet, a contemporary French bistro which was set up by the  Thai Express Group back sometime in 2012. It is by no coincidence that Poulet (Pronounced as poo-lay) also means chicken in French, giving you a rough what they specialise in: Poulet roti or oven roasted chicken.

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My partner and I started off our dinner with the good old French classic, caramelised onion soup. Poulet’s rendition ($5.80) was nothing fancy to boast about. Surely, they were generous with with the onions but I felt the broth could be more richer. But considering the price, I think it’s a fair deal for first timers seeking a pleasant experience.

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Cravings are meant to be satisfied. So when my partner said she wanted French Fries ($4.80) I thought why not? How about a generous bucket fit for two? Hmph… I think that’s cool.

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Then came our first main course, their famous Poulet Roti ($15.80 Half/ $28.80 Whole). There it was lying in a shallow broth of chardonnay sauce and accompanied by sautéed button mushrooms. We sank our forks and knives, tearing into the tender moist meat. Dunking and stuffing our cheeks with that delicious meat.

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On the contrary, our second course didn’t make much of a lasting impression if you ask. Braise De Canard ($15.80) or braised duck leg range somewhere along the salty line. Surely the duck meat falls upon tearing and there was the cranberries to sweeten things up but the sauce was just down right disappointing.

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While there were hits and misses, Poulet might be another good alternative to Saveur which is often packed and crowded. I might just come back again to try the other dishes but until then…

It’s one French restaurant blogged and many more to go!

Bugis Plus #04-12
201 Victoria Street, Singapore 188067
Tel: +65 6509 9411
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 10pm, daily

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