Quality Cafe, Quality Hotel Singapore: The Taiwan Porridge Dinner Buffet

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Reading posts and reviews.

That’s what we do before we head out for a meal. It is not just knowing how to reach your desired destination or get second and third opinions about the eateries. It goes far more than just skimming and scanning random articles on the net. I mean don’t you just wish you were the owner of that visually- tempting and sink your cutlery or stuff your cheeks with whatever they were eating?

Doesn’t the back of your head register a list of must-visit places as you read about all the recommendations by a complete stranger whom you will never get to meet? Whether or not you understand what I’m trying to say, I’m telling you this. If you’re looking for a nice affordable place for buffet, look no further and consider what Quality Cafe with their Taiwan porridge buffet has to offer.

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As with any eateries that ends up on my blog, I like to gather as much information about the place before making a trip down and savor their specialty or what else good recommended by others. And being rated by Hungrygowhere as one of the Top 5 Best Porridge Buffets in Singapore, what more do I need to say right?

The thing about today’s buffet especially those at famous hotels or established restaurants is the exorbitant price that comes with it. Surely you pay a fixed price to savor a little bit of everything which I think it’s super worth if the dishes are well-prepared but the bill comes easily a few hundred or if you have a big family, close to a thousand is nothing unheard off. Not to mention the dreadful GST and service charge which I can use that money to treat a few more people too! So to know that for a buffet spread with a price tag under $25.00 after tax, how not to say no?

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 I have to be honest that I wasn’t expecting an extravagant feast since it’s priced that low but the spread of more than 20 over dishes is definitely more than enough to make a good meal out off. Skip their chicken feet and braised duck for I find them too disappointing in terms of looks and taste to talk off and head for their two live stations instead.

I love the spicy coconut rice broth of their Laska. Their Popiahs which were made upon request were decent but I felt they were a little too liberal with their chilli sauce, making it excessively spicy to enjoy the Chinese crepes properly.

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Chilli Crab was definitely one dish I didn’t anticipate to see. While I don’t think it’s the best crab dish I will ever have, the crabs were fresh and best of all, you get to eat till your hearts content! But do give a miss on their breads and mantous if you want to dip and savor the spicy-sweet chilli graving.  They were stale cold and downright disappointing. A complete waste of calories which I cast aside after my first bite.

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Honestly speaking, I never took a liking of the idea having porridge. Not that I think it’s cheap food but rather I never find complete gastronomic satisfaction in just one or two bowls as compared to plain old cooked rice. But as they call this a porridge buffet, I’ll be a fool if I skipped them entirely. With so many condiments to pair with sweet potato or chicken congee, how not to go for second helpings?!

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No buffet is complete without desserts. I have no complains about sliced fruits or assorted ice cream scoops but I’m sticking to my self-made Ice Kachang.

Overall, I find the buffet spread more than enough to make out a meal off. Like all buffets, it isn’t all perfect but with what I featured here, surely you will know what to dive right into and those to stay away. Before you go away thinking that Quality Cafe is just some random restaurant at a less renowned hotel, you’ll be surprised to see the place running almost on full capacity and a line of crowd forming at the each stations.That to me, speaks much about their popularity.

Quality Cafe
Quality Hotel Marlow
201 Balestier Road
Singapore 329926
Tel: +65 6355 9988
Note: This is an invited media tasting.

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