Quarter To Three Duxton Hill Singapore: It’s time for tea!


What time is it? It’s quarter to three!

What time is it? It’s time for tea!

But where shall we go for tea? That’s something I’ve been thinking!

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Tucked amidst my favourite hilly outpost of Duxton Hill is a cosy little cafe named synonymous with that special timing for afternoon tea. I heard from the owners that this isn’t just another cafe for their cakes are crafted by a master chef who has years of experience baking and training pastry chef.¬†That’s something I don’t hear everyday right? Though I wished I could know who that chef is…

And just like their mysterious pastry chef, their cakes are nothing I find in most cafes and patisseries. Yes,¬† it’s just a slice of cake but to me, it’s like a piece of art. Take for instant, stack Japanese cheese sponge cake upon yogurt and strawberry puree and violia! Such joy to have and that’s Tip Of My Tongue ($7.20) for me to utter by next to your ears…

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Sweet Little Sixteen ($7.20) was an innocent-looking strawberry shortcake but don’t be fool by its appearance. Made with dense Japanese cheese sponges instead of the usual fluffy sponge ones then decked with layers of fresh cream and strawberries, it turns out to be one of the best strawberry cakes I had in years!

They have more than just delightful strawberries cakes. Fancy a Rocky Raccoon (Maple Walnut Cheesecake)? Or a Happiness Is A Warm Gun (Opera with Rum)? They are just fancy names if you have to know but try them for yourself and I think you’ll be assured something different from your usual shop. I heard they made good coffee too. Maybe I will drop by one day again…

So any ideas where are we going?

How about that cafe call… Quarter To Three?

Yea, I think that’s a great place to have afternoon tea, wouldn’t you agree?

Quarter To Three
88 Tanjong Pagar, Singapore 088509
Tel: +65 6222 2214

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