Rakuzen Tampines Singapore II: My obsession with Japanese food

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I said I would return soon but I didn’t expect myself to be sitting by a table for two at Rakuzen so soon! I reckon it was less than three weeks ago when I first visited this Japanese place. It does speaks a lot about me and my obsession with authentic quality Japanese food. For me to revisit a eatery in such a short time could either mean that I really love their food a lot or a few dishes that caught my attention on my previous visit but I didn’t managed to try.

In the case of Rakuzen visitation II, it would be the set meals that looks visually tempting on their oversized menus. I almost never have good impressions of set meals since they’re almost always messily presented and there’s really no standard to comment of. Even more dubious when the price tags looks like one of those too good to be true deals.

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Those nigirizushi from my lunch partner’s Sushi & Small Ramen Set ($14.00) were certainly good quality and I wouldn’t hesitate to say these little  fish rice rolls are what you would get if you order them on their al carte menu too! Do I even need to tell you how enjoyable their side dish, chawanmushis were?

You might even read in disbelief that there is such awesome and worth-your-money set lunches to be found in expensive Singapore! Surely this is just a makeup story that I publish just to tempt you as a bedtime story but the truth will never be reveal until you try them personally.

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Their set lunches aren’t exorbitantly expensive. I mean $12 for a fried saba and a bowl of imported Akitakomachi rice is pretty much as good of a deal if you want to dine at a restaurant without the fear of overspending your lunch budget. But if you’re willing to spend more on special occasions, then you could also consider dining here too.

It is as I said in my previous post: One of those restaurants that caters to everyone personal budget. So you get my point?

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My lunch partner was rather gratified with a few raw fish on rice and a piping hot bowl of ramen but that’s her. I can’t settle for such simpleton food so I decided to went a notch up and ordered the slight more pricey Saba Ponzu Don Set ($18.00). Then again, should I use the word pricey? Given the fact that this bowl of chirashizushi was so well-presented that I couldn’t bear to eat it until I’m certain I got the perfect photo shoot to showcase it to you.

I’m officially in love with chirashizushi already and this is the kind of food I wouldn’t mind having everyday if I have a personal Japanese chef…

Will there be a third visit? I can’t say for sure but you’ll bound to know once I publish Rakuzen again.

NTUC Income Tampines Junction #01-01A
300 Tampines Ave 5
Singapore 529653
Tel: +65 6786 8484

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