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It’s such a pity to see people of my generation opting for fast food as a choice of meals these days but don’t get me wrong though. I do enjoy a fast food meal once in a while just for childhood sake. One of those many fast food which many of us adores has surely got to be the infamous burger; A slab of processed meat patty sandwiched with some random strips of greens and cheese between some massly manufactured buns. That’s what fast food burger is all about…

Sorry to say, that’s not my kind of stable food. I like mine burger fresh and wholesome. Because of that, it has spurred me to seek out healthier if not handmade alternatives.

Situated amidst the second floor of Cluny Court is a place worth mentioning on this blog of mine has got to be Relish by Wild Rocket. They have a range of gourmet burgers like the popular street food which goes by the name of Ramly (At Relish, it’s call Ramlee.) or BBQ  char siew pork. Whichever you choose, I think it will fare a whole lot better than fast food ones. Such is the chore of picking the preferred burger when everything described is sooo tempting! I ended up ordering the classic Bacon & Cheese Burger ($19.90).

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Gourmet burgers are no doubt nice to enjoy but it often comes at a price. Trust me, it took me quite some time before I overcome my fear of overpaying for one but I love the crisp from the bacons and the juiciness from the beef patty. A wonderful combination all happening in one fairly normal looking burger. I would have loved it more if the cheese was gooey and melting instead.

If that’s the case, opt for their pastas which I have to say is more than enough to make out of a meal. I am almost never a fan of eggplants, in fact, it’s one of those veggies I hardly have! So when I had Relish’s Aubergine Linguine ($16.60), I have no idea how enjoyable the dish could be! Add a little speck of pine nuts gave the whole pasta dish a nutty aftertaste which I daresay, is a good recommendation from me. Thumbs up for eggplants!

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Relish by Wild Rocket is a nice place to head down for burgers or even a lazy weekend brunch. I wouldn’t mind dropping by another time provided my cheese is runny and gooey.

They have home baked cakes?! All the more I must drop by again!

Relish By Wild Rocket
Cluny Court @02-01
501 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 259760
Tel: +65 6763 1547

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