Relish by Wild Rocket Cluny Court Singapore II

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I relish at the idea having one scrumptious burger for a hearty lunch. With oozing cheese and one big  juicy beef patty in between of slap between those fluffy buns. I think burgers are really one of the best gastronomic inventions on Earth! But then again, I’m a clumsy burger eater especially when I use my hands and munch on one. To watch my sandwich dribbling sauce on my table, plates and sometimes my shirt is just unforgivable! Even more so when I’m at a nice fancy restaurant where using bare hands are strictly forbidden. Therefore, unless I’m with my close friends or behind close door, I will not opt for the burger that I so crave for.

But life always brings us joy and I have a friend who is always craving for places that makes not just plain old burger but really good ones. She’s a fussy eater really so I always have to scrutinise my choices before I dare tell her. I searched high and low on the net for a nice quiet burger place but to no avail. Everywhere seemed to be crowded during lunch and dinner all day long. That was until I recall my last visit to Relish, Cluny Court.

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I really love the place as it is not located within a bustling noisy mall and their burgers are more than enough to make a meal out of too. It might be out of the way considering that I stay in the east but I sure don’t mind travelling a bit if it means I can have my lunch with a little more peace.

It didn’t take us ages to decide since I already knew what I wanted. Their classic Bacon & Cheese (180g/$19.90) was already my favourite on my first visit but since my lunch partner couldn’t decide, I just told her to take mine while I choose another. Ramlee or char siew pork sounded tempting but a little out of my budget. In the end, I went for the Wild Rocket (180g/$18.50) which was appeared right in front of me as an ordinary dish. But looks is often deceiving and never judge a burger just by its appearance. Chomping down on one was a completely different matter! Just imagine savoring one juicy medium-rare beef patty on a heap of wild rocket leaves then sandwiched between two lighted toasted sesame buns.

Just the thought of it now is enough to motivate me to travel down again for another one!

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Perhaps that’s the gastronomic of having a classic burger. You might make a mess after having one but you won’t leave the table with regrets. If you still have room for desserts, do consider their strawberry cheesecakes and chocolate lava cakes. Both seemed to won many other bloggers’ hearts but if you really have to ask of my opinion, then I shall say head down the street Island Creamery instead. I say that’s a good dessert cafe to slack after a heart good meal.

Relish By Wild Rocket
Cluny Court @02-01
501 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 259760
Tel: +65 6763 1547

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