Saizeriya Italian Restaurant Liang Court Shopping Centre Singapore

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I’ve lost count the number of times I visited Saizeriya. It’s also one of those few places I always like to recommend the place to my friends and peers alike simply because it’s a nice place to chill without feeling a pinch on the wallet. I mean where else would you be able to find a place that serves pastas under $10 or add on $2.80 for a selection of free-flow fizzy drinks and hot beverages.

They have a few outlets in Singapore, mostly located amidst the central portion of the island. I always frequent the one at Liang Court so that I can always make a good excuse to visit Tampopo Deil or what is now known as Dulcet & Studio for their chiffon cakes. That is provided I still have room for cakes…

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But I almost always never get the chance to satisfy my cravings for chiffon cakes. I will be stuffed and full after ordering a table full of mains and sides especially if I have a group of friends to share the cost. Flipping through the menu and you will find all sorts of sides dishes but to me, the one that stands out all has got to be the Escargots ($5.80).

You gotta try it for yourself especially if you haven’t had one before and for that kind of price, I think it’s a good dish to try out for the first timers. But what you pay is what you get. Just don’t expect the standards of well-established French restaurants here.

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If snails ain’t to your liking, another side you wanna get your hands messy with are the Chicken Wings ($3.90 for 4 pieces/ $7.70 for 8 pieces). Just make sure you remove them from the hot grill before it turns cold as skin tends to stick to the metal pan.

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There might be a variety of pastas dishes to choose from but the one I always get is their Asari Clams Spaghetti ($7.40). I just love the complicated taste of the clam broth which I never seem to get tired of. If you’re sick of their pastas (not me!), risottos, dorias and meat steaks are available too.

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To sum up all my experience at Saizeriya, this is a place to consider if you’re looking for a quick fix of affordable/budget meals. There isn’t much to complain but I have to say, they could work on their presentation of the food. I don’t quite like the idea that my food is always served messy. A little food styling never hurts right?┬áBut if I ever want something better, I could always make way down to Platypus Kitchen!

Gosh, I miss those truffle fries…

Saizeriya Italian Restaurant
Liang Court Shopping Centre #02-22
177 River Valley Road
Singapore 179030
Tel: +65 6337 9001

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