Saveur Purvis Street Singapore III: Are they still deserving?

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It’s been a while since I visited my first visit to this French restaurant and I heard of news that they have opened a second outlet at Far East Plaza, Scotts Road. I though it wasn’t such a wise choice since they already have one at Purvis Street and one has to factor in the high rental cost too. Although they have increased some of their food prices due to inflation and rising costs, Saveur is still one of the more affordable places for French food in town.

I recalled having two splendid dinner experiences at their flagship restaurant so I don’t see the need to visit their new outlet assuming that quality stays the same. We came on a late Saturday afternoon and all my other friends always say; this place is always pack to the brim. While I was very thankful that I didn’t need to queue, that doesn’t mean I would mind being ignored trying to gesture someone to usher me to my table. Trust me, not all of them are busy but I can’t really complain much since almost every staff in there seemed to be a teenager.

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I didn’t want to overdo our orders since it was just me and one other partner. Pan-seared Duck Liver served with Apple-infused Port Wine and Vanilla Bean ($9.90) was a nice start to our lunch but I certainly wouldn’t recommend paying so much for this more fruit than foie gras dish. Opt for their signature Angel Pasta ($4.90) or even the more unique Mushroom Cappuccino ($4.90) which I find more value for money instead.

Another disappointing dish was their Beef Bourguignon ($16.90). I seriously felt cheated when the dish appeared right before me. I didn’t quite enjoy feeling of paying so much just for five cubes of tough beef cuts. They can’t even be more generous with their sauce and to say this is pleasant dish seems to be be an overstatement don’t you think?

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Saveur’s Confit of Duck ($12.90) was never to my liking to begin with. The skin was crisp but I find the meat was too hard and dry. I always prefer mine to be tender and soaked up fat and oil. I don’t always have a duck confit everyday but when I do, I make sure I want something worth my calories.

In conclusion to my third visit to Saveur, I would say their standard of food would suffice most Singaporean preference but for people seeking more hearty and generous food, then there are more better and deserving French bistros in Singapore than Saveur. On the side note, if I ever visit them again I would pretty much appreciate they’ll be a little more gracious with their portion especially if they want to see regular diners returning for more.

5 Purvis Street #01-04
Singapore 188584
Tel: +65 6333 3121

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