Selfish Gene Cafe Duxton Hill Singapore

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I’m sure behind every food bloggers’ backs, there will be those people whom we call friends and we can count on them to accompany us and check out the next cafe and the next. We can have endless conversation about something really silly over a nice cup of coffee or share the bill just to order even more. But the point is regardless of what fun we can have, there’s always someone we can share our joy with.

For me, I have a cousin whom I can always depend on to satisfy my personal cravings or hers. Give us a day and we can cover lots of grounds visiting those places on our to-go list.

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Talking about a list of to-go cafes in Singapore, I’ve heard much about the cafe tucked away somewhere along Duxton Hill. Known as Selfish Gene, one would be terribly wrong to think they ain’t generous. With free wi-fi and power plugs that diners can tap on while having a meal, I think they should just call themselves Generous Gene instead. Don’t you think so?

It was just a pity that we came late and missed their All-Day Breakfast menu. No doubt we were disappointed but the weather was simply too warm to rake my brains and decide another potential place. Salads and soups were definitely not what I like for a filling meal and we got no choice but to settle for their sandwiches.

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We ordered two to share and I kinda like how everything fills up the serving plates nicely unlike some cafes. I’ve been having quite a lot bread with fillings/stuffings lately and I know a good one when I have one between my fingers. But among the two, I prefer the Ham & Cheese ($10.80) to the Smoked Salmon ($12.80). Maybe it’s the Sundried Tomato bread that makes it more interesting to the palate.

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Set aside those satisfactory sandwiches, their Cappuccino ($4.80) was pretty darn good too. Just a word of caution when you are thinking of going for the Matcha Latte ($5.00). It sort of resembles a cup of spinach soup and tasted more powder than liquid but the worst has got to be their iced drinks. Fancy paying six bucks for a glass of iced lemon tea? I assure you it ain’t worth.

Desserts came in three different forms of cakes; chocolate, banana or carrot. They looks simple and classic but for someone like me who eats desserts almost all the time, I would say they sounded a little too common. Then again, if we are talking about desserts on Duxton Hill, I know a few good places…

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All in all, if you’re looking for a nice place to escape the heat, Selfish Gene Cafe is one good place to consider. Just remember to come before 3pm on weekdays and 4pm on weekends if you want their all-day breakfast food to go with your coffee.

Selfish Gene Cafe
40 craig road, Singapore 089678
Tel: +65 6423 1324

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  1. Bakertan

    Hi dessertprince,

    I have only been to Selfish Gene Cafe once but I have to say that their banana cake is superb even though it sounds a bit plain and simple. It is really simplicity at its best. The cake was moist, fine-crumbed and wonderfully tender and fluffy, much fluffier than the average banana butter cake and almost as fluffy as a chiffon. The small amount of peanut frosting added a nice contrast to the fragrance of the banana cake as well. Perhaps the texture of banana cake was elevated as it was being served warm. It is however a bit pricy for a simple banana cake though.


    • thedessertprince

      Yeah, I saw their banana cakes before. I thought it was a little overpriced considering the size of the cake. But well having our desserts in Singapore’s cafes often means we often pay more than just the food itself. Much of the price tag goes to the rentals.

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