Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant UE Square Shopping Mall Singapore: Enjoy the Japanese buffet way

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I like to think that I’m one blissful guy. I often find myself surrounded by nice and generous friends who wouldn’t mind a treat once in a while. I vividly remembered a good friend hosting a group of us over something we love lavishing our attention on; Fish sashimis. The apparent holy grail to some of my friends’ love for all things raw and it’s not just some cheap roadside sashimis but good and thick slabs of fresh fish cuts of a Japanese restaurant. The best part was we had a room all to ourselves and we just order whatever we feel like having if we still could spare a room or two.

Let’s not go into the bottles of sakes we down throughout the entire night as we feast like kings and queens of the medieval days. It was just a crazy night but the companions and the fun we had was nothing short of fond memories.

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So when I’m celebrating my 20th birthday with this bunch of friends, I too wanted somewhere nice to spend some quiet time catching up with them. But it ain’t always easy hosting such a big group of friends for dinners much less a birthday dinner. Buffet was definitely on my mind since everyone can eat whatever they want at anything for a fixed price. But where should the place be?

I search and thought about all the potential places but none could suit the dinner quite like Shin Minori at UE Square, Clark Quay. The place fits my budget (I can’t expect my friends to pay since I say I’m hosting right?)  and we have somewhere private and away from the noisy crowd.

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Once we settled down in our room which resemble a store room with tables and chairs stack by the side. Somewhat disappointing I must profess. It was such a pity that we couldn’t get the more spacious room since it was already reserved but for the free flow sashimis, I think everyone could just neglect the “sitting in a store room” dinner event.

First up was their complimentary side which were two fish heads sitting in a shallow dish of soy sauce. As with all fish heads, the best parts are always the eyes and cheeks. Even more enjoyable when the fish was fresh. Definitely setting the stage to impress us with the quality of their food.

Do note that the two fish heads are complimentary because we booked a room to ourselves. 

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From the fish heads we were digging in and lavished in praise, we move onto to main delights. The sashimis, the sushis and what else raw! Since Shin Minori is an ala carte buffet restaurant, all you need is to indicate what you want on their coloured menu lists and request to be delivered right to you! Now that’s having buffet on a whole new level!

With close 100 over different variety of dishes to choose from, it can be quite a hassle to ask around who wants what. Like I always say:

Just order everything! Don’t worry about wastage because someone will bound to love and enjoy it!

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Unagai Sushi.

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Tori Wasabi Mayo.

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Kani Tempura.

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Almost everything was good but what I really enjoyed was their Kabocha Chawanmushi also known as pumpkin egg custard. The pumpkin taste gives an oomph! feel to the entire eating experience! Forget about your normal Chawanmushi and give this a try instead! I swear I downed a few cuppas that very night just to satisfy my cravings for eggs.

There were some stuffs that were really worth eating and there were some that weren’t but given the variety and the price ($39 per person for dinner), I think it’s a definitely MUST TRY AND WORTH YOU MONEY JAPANESE BUFFET! If you ever find yourself having a craving for Japanese buffets, just do yourself a BIG favor and head down to Shin Minori…

But for me, I wonder when and where will be our next!

Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant
UE Square Shopping Mall #03-15/16
81 Clemenceau Avenue, Singapore 239917
Tel: +65 6733 2272

Lunch 11.30am to 2.30pm Last order 2.15pm
Price: Adult: $32.00++
Dinner 6pm to 10.30pm Last order 9.45pm
Price: Adult: $35.00++
Child: $23.00++

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