Shun Shun Prawn Noodles 顺顺虾面 Tampines Singapore

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At the back of my mind, there are only a mere handful of prawn noodle stalls that I consider worth coming back for more. But what are considered as the best on the face of this island are almost certainly out of the way for me considering that I stay in the far east. So if there’s one pretty darn good stall just a minute’s walk from my house, why not just keep going to the same place for convenient sake?

Initially started at a coffeeshop of block 829 say back in the earlier half of 2012, Shun Shun Prawn Noodles 顺顺虾面 drew in a huge crowd almost instantly and you could see the iconic orange bowls on almost every table every weekend family brunch. I think the residents here have spoken not with voices but by the sheer dedication of waiting patiently for almost 20 minutes before having their orders written down. I can assure you that no one’s joking about enduring hunger pangs just to eat one unassuming bowl of noodles.

Subsequently by some unknown reasons, they decided to relocate their outlet somewhere across Bedok Reservoir. I like to think that their noodles isn’t quite appreciated by the residents there because within a short span of time they shifted back to Tampines street 81 again only this time at a different place.

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Their new and current location at another coffeeshop at block 824, still draws the same amount of crowd as in the past. One could understand why they could be the envy of every hawker eyes. Among all the prawn noodles stall I tried, Shun Shun are definitely one of the more generous stalls you can find. While I can’t be bothered counting the number of prawns and fishcakes, I could totally appreciate the fact that I always walked away feeling it was worth every cent. I mean come on, for a bowl of noodles that cost no more than $4, what could you complain about?

Maybe you might want to find fault with their inconsistent size of their prawns? I wouldn’t want to make a huge fuss so as long as their ingredients are fresh. Quantity would only get you so far and the actual reason why people keep coming back for more has mostly got to do with their rich unami-gratifying prawn broth. Maybe they have their own secret formula and golden ratio but all I know is their soup based isn’t bland like most other place.


I always opt for the dried version ever since I become of age and found new love for all things spicy. I like for another fact that every inch of my noodles is  evenly coated and made even more fragrant by the generous serving of fried shallots. Their souped ones are not that fantastic especially after the noodle gets too soggy and the prawn broth taste floury like the noodles.

To actually summaries what I’ve been saying earlier, if you’re looking for the best prawn noodles in Tampines then look no further. After savoring Shun Shun’s rendition, you will never settle for something less.

Shun Shun Prawn Noodles (顺顺虾面)
Tampines Street 81, Block 824

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