Singapore Botanical Gardens: Celebration of a girlfriend’s 18th birthday

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It’s not everyday a girl turns 18 especially that special girl whom you’ve singing, dancing, eating, studying, travelling and cafe hopping almost 24/7 of your time. So when ZX turned 18 back in 2012, I had only one thing in mind: How to make it an unforgettable 18th birthday for her? I could have easily brought her up the hill or somewhere classy and fancy but I knew these are not things ZX wanted. “A picnic, ohh yes! That ought to make her happy!” I tried to keep it a secret hoping to surprise her only on the actual day but I think after giving so many hints and frequent trips to the supermarket asking her about her comfort food, I think she sort of guess it.

Note: Girls are smart and in front of my girlfriend, I ain’t good at hiding things from her… But at least it was a good 3 weeks before she guessed it so good try!

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It wasn’t a spread but it was suffice for two. To be honest, apart from the cooking the pastas, everything I brought was either precooked or raw and you can’t blame me for being lazy. As much as I want to whip out something simple from the pan or bake a few treats with the oven, I have a mum who doesn’t like her kitchen all messed up and dirty. Even slicing some bread and cutting some veggie is enough to make her go crazy so I have little choice but to make it simple and neat.

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I love life to be simple and everything was done in plain simplistic fun! A few honey baked ham & cheddar cheese sandwiches for her and another plate of angel hair pasta for me. How not to say “we’re all having fun!”

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If all should fail then grab Mr. gingerbread to sweeten life all over again! We had the whole day to ourselves and we had the whole afternoon to bask in each other’s presence. I felt as if time has slowed down as I lost myself in her eyes. I guess that’s what lovers do, most of the time. To be lost and to be found, sure is one of the many parcels of life…

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But whatever is it, I can never forget that special day when I celebrated my girlfriend’s 18th birthday. Just like everyone around us, nothing but good old fun under the Sun…

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