Singapore Botanical Gardens II: A day to bake

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I don’t always bake.

Not because I’m lazy or my mum’s restriction of me using the kitchen. Rather, I have very high expectations of what I make and unless I have the best ingredients in my arsenal, then I rather not bake.  But when my friends say we should go somewhere nice for a picnic, I thought why not bake something simple like a scented pound cake?

If there’s extra butter, flour and what else nice, how about a few batches of cookies too! But finding the prefect recipe was like a walk in the park. There are tons of tested and tried recipes with fancy propped photos all over the web. If none suffices, how about those baking books with loads of tips just to make sure you get end product exactly the same as how the picture in the book looks like.

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To be honest, I never believe in attending one of those baking classes that easily cost a few hundred bucks. For something I can learn online or from my baker friends for free, I might as well invest that kind of money on a new camera or eat something better. Like every established cooks and chefs, I too learn all my skills and tricks from my mum. How she cracked an egg into the mixing batter or why she  chilled the cookie dough overnight before shaping a few batches then tossed into the oven. All these, I learn from watching and asking like any inquisitive kid. So I guess they (the psychologists) are right to say that your childhood does have a huge impact in your adult life eh?

Just in case you’re wondering, I got my earl grey pound cake recipe here and my chocolate chip cookies here. The online recipes were great but I thought the cakes and cookies I baked with my friends weren’t so ideal. But considering that we lack so many ingredients and used mere estimation for measuring purposes, I would say it’s a huge success! Although I think we could be a little more liberal with the earl grey leaves instead…

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I thought it will take no more than half the time to finish everything including the cleaning part. But the truth was our little baking session lasted more than four hours. Like come on, just picture four youths squeezed in a tight fitting kitchen. We had four pairs of hands and still we were preparing our picnic food at snail pace. But irregardless of everything, we still managed to reach Botanic Gardens before sunset.

There was slight drizzle but still bearable. I always envision picnic outings to be on a sunny day with clear blue skies hanging above our heads but the same couldn’t be said when we reached the open space of symphony lake. A gloomy weather and a slight drizzle but still bearable given the amount of fun we had together.

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The time came when we decided to leave the picnic area and take a breeze walk. Lush of greens and endless coloured petals painted the scene. It was just a pity I didn’t have natural lighting to showcase what I see with my personal HD lens. The walk was short and before we knew it, we found ourselves at the end of the walk. No matter if it was just a short walk or one that takes us on and on.

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If you ask me personally, I shall tell you my main agenda for the whole day was to visit that famous ice cream palour at Cluny Court. Surely I don’t have to tell you how to find the place but if you really have to ask, feel free to click here and here.

I still find their ice creams exceptionally fantastic especially my all-time favourite flavour; Pulut Hitam. I swear everyone sitting on the same table would agree too. One would adore the mango sorbet and the other would sing praises about the teh tarik scoop but the best was still the purple one.


We didn’t really call it a day until we were done watching a comedy show at a friend’s place but the point is we all had fun for the entire day. I think that’s what friendship is all about. We can get really busy and hectic with our own personal lives but well. We can always spare a day or two just to sit back and enjoy something like a hike or a picnic together.

For me, I have finally strike off one task off my mind and on to the next…

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