Smoulder Mooncakes 2013: Mini snowskin chocolate truffles mooncakes

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The softcore bakers from Smoulder are well known among my dessert-loving friends for their exceptionally delicious lava cakes with creative flavours that you don’t get to see in the typical  molten cakes. From my personal favourites like White Chocolate Lemon and White Chocolate Pistachio to stronger tasting Milk Chocolate Rum & Raisins and Milk Chocolate Mocha. Smoulder is definitely one dessert specialty shop set to challenge our mindset of eating all things sweet.

In preparation of this year’s mid-autumn festival, Smoulder has launched their own mooncakes series with an eye catching statement: The Moon has never tasted better. It almost sounded like a challenge to other established competitors and given the fact that there are so many mooncake makers already, they better be prepared for the annual competition. Everyone is vying a share of the festive pie but not every eateries can handcraft out such pastries successfully.

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When I think of mooncakes especially snowskin ones, I don’t really reminisce about the past and I certainly don’t picture the moon in my head. All I care is when should I have them instead. I personally regard mooncakes as desserts. Great to have during afternoon tea  or taken as an after-dinner dessert. Hence I always prefer lighter sweet tasting ones as compared to the stronger pungent savoury ones.

Smoulder snowskin mooncakes came in four flavours: Dark Chocolate, Raspberry, Green Tea and Rum & Raisins. They are certainly all dessert-worthy pastries and it shouldn’t surprise you that these four flavours are also available in their lava cakes too. Apart from the commonly seen green tea ones, dark chocolate was superbly rich especially at the chocolate truffle core. But awesomeness has surely gotta come in the form of the petite pink mooncake. Most of my family and friends who sampled the raspberry flavour sang praises for being refreshingly fruity.

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For dessert lovers who adore sweet treats with an additional kick, I say Smoulder rendition of the rum and raisin would suffices without being excessively alcoholic. All their mooncakes have a lotus paste base with a chocolate core made with Belgium chocolate. I don’t find them artificially sweeten like some bakeries does so this is one place you can definitely grab a box for personal consumption or as a gift to someone close.

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Honestly speaking, I’m so glad to be able to try something different this year for I’m tired of having the standard mooncakes for so many years. Smoulder mooncakes did not disappoint me and I have to say their mooncakes are some of the most exquisite ones I had. Grab a box of 8 mini snowskin chocolate truffles mooncakes before 1st September 2013 to enjoy the discounted price tag ($38.00)!

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China Square Food Centre #01-04
51 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 048441
Tel: +65 6225 6422

Raffles City Shopping Centre #B1-68
252 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179103
Tel: +65 6338 0661
Note: This is an invited media tasting.

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