Soi Thai Kitchen Tampines Singapore: Authentic Thai street food

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My hometown, Tampines is a vibrant place. We have three shopping malls, three mega malls and numerous marketplace. Just take a stroll in my residential place of street 81 and you will be amazed by the full house you easily see in all seven coffeeshops on a weekend brunch! It’s little wonder why there’s even such a saying among my friends.

“Why bother travelling to the city when everything is conveniently located in Tampines?”

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Soi Thai Kitchen is that newest addition to my community and is well received by everyone. Just look at the crowd during dinner hours. It’s almost always full house every time I pass by the place!

It took me quite a while before I decided to give them a try. You can’t really blame me since I don’t really fancy Thai cuisine as much as French. You see, just about everything in the menu is spicy. Take the tiny chili padis at the side of my Olive Fried Rice ($6.00) for instant. Just one tiny bit is more than enough to set your palate on fire! (No joke about that.) I was just thankful that they (the chefs) didn’t mixed them into my brown rice.

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Tom Yum Heng Chicken ($8.00).

But then again, what’s Authentic Thai food if it ain’t spicy right? I did my own little research about Thai cuisine and it’s all about balancing the four basic taste buds: sweet, sour, bitter and salty. It’s almost like a symposium of different flavours working together. A little sweetness than comes a slight tinge of saltiness which always ends off with a comfortable spiciness from the red chilis.

Veggies stir-fried in fish sauce instead of the usual soy sauce or spicy sour broth and that’s the kind of dishes you will most likely find at Soi Thai Kitchen. Nothing superb to boost about. Just the real deal in the form of a unpretentious meal.

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There were hits and misses but whatever it is, a personal recommend from me is their Beef Soup ($8.00) and their generous servings of beef cuts. It’s definitely more than enough to share over three maybe even four people.

I’m still quite an amateur when it comes to Thai cuisine but I think that’s fine because if I ever need to learn more, all I need is to cross the road and I can always find Soi Thai kitchen and their authentic Thai street food. Or…

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Have a bowl of Red Ruby ($3.00) in sweeten coconut milk all to myself…

Soi Thai Kitchen
Blk 824, Tampines Street 81
Singapore 520824
Tel: +65 6784 2421
Opening Hours: Mon- Sun: 11.00am – 2.30pm, 6.00pm – 10.00pm

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