Steakout Victoria Hotel Singapore: I think their standard has dropped

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It’s been quite a while since I visited the causal steakhouse situated along Victoria Street. As I recall, Steakout is one of the few places in town area serving up western food at a slightly more affordable price. They also share the same concept as Astons providing two sides dishes with every main ordered. While I find their food almost nothing worth commending about, their main highlights which I will never fail to order are their chocolate desserts.

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Especially their chocolate lava cake with a molten flowing chocolate core and their accompanying vanilla ice cream which I’ve been told, made with real vanilla beans. It’s a must-have whenever I visit them and I wouldn’t mind going to the extend to say that Steakout has the best lava cake in Singapore too.

All my previous visits has always ended well but I couldn’t say the same on my last dinner with them. It was almost like their standard has dropped! To the extend that I felt like I should have head somewhere else for a better dinner instead.

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On my previous visit back somewhere in June 2013, I dropped by for dinner hopping to get something simple and then end of the night with my usual favourite dessert, their chocolate lava cake. I saw a new addition to the place, a bar when bottles of common brews are kept on the rows of shelves. I’m quite prone to alcohol so I just couldn’t resist order a pint of Kronenbourg just to kick start my night better.

I have no intentions to order anymore sides but I thought I might just come back with my drinking buddies  over dinner and end off with a few good drinks!

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Then came our food which I always knew they weren’t always visually appealing but I can’t complain much since I am not paying a whole lot of money for their steak. Their Norwegian Grilled Salmon Fillet on the other hand was overcooked, dry and worst of all covered with burnt bits from the metal pan or grill they cook my fish on. Even their sides are worth complementing than the fish served in front of me don’t you think so?

I don’t think it’s acceptable and it just seemed to me that whoever prepared my food didn’t really take pride in his work.

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Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve been to Steakout more than just once or twice and it really surprise me to taste for myself how much their standard has dropped. Nevermind if the food isn’t well presented but I do expect a certain quality if I were to come back again or recommend the place to others again.

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As for their chocolate lava cake?

Let me just say it just isn’t quite the same as the usual ones I’ve been having. I mean what is a lava cake without a molten flowing chocolate core?! Shouldn’t you call that a brownie instead? Even their vanilla ice cream tasted something out of a tub from the nearby supermarket.¬†I don’t really know what happen to their standard of food but all I know I wouldn’t be visiting and recommend this place anytime soon. Then again, everyone deserves a second chance right?

Victoria Hotel #01-01
89 Victoria Street, Singapore, Singapore 188017
Tel: +65 6720 8103
Mon to Sun: 11.30am to 10pm

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