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Tea Lounge by Regent Hotel has always been one of my favourite places for afternoon tea. I can’t remember all the wonderful sessions I had but it sure was kind of the staffs at Regent to invite me back to try out their improved afternoon tea buffet. Tucked away from the grandeur lobby, Tea Lounge is sure to be found. Fanciful desserts and savoury treats all waiting dished out by pastry chefs and only to be enjoyed by people who loves them. Armchairs and sofas by the tables with tea sets already in place and be ready to be greeted by a smile or two on the staff face!

Do note that their afternoon tea buffets are only available on the weekends while their popular English high tea and their three-tier stands are intricately prepared on weekdays.  I strongly recommend that you make reservations many months before the actual date, especially their weekend high tea buffets just to play safe and secure a place.

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I like to start my afternoon with something to sip and I love the floral touch of the Regent Blend. If you’re someone like me, who loves trying out something new on each visit then feel free to do so! Each dining guests are entitled to two tea blends which was really disappointing for me since all of their blends smells aromatic but given the considerate amount their tea pot could hold, I say it’s good enough to share with other tea-lovers on the same table so as to try more of their specialty blends.

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May I suggest the Shanghai Rose with delicate tinge of lychee sweetness to you? Easily one of my top favourite blends over at the lobby lounge. Classic Imperial Earl Grey was more than just good given the strong with a distinctive flavour emitted from bergamot oranges.

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You see stations of desserts and all things sweet on one side, heavy dishes and whatsoever Japanese rice roll and raw fish on the opposite side. There were satay skewers which were made on the spot. I can’t possibly taste a bit of all for there’s a good considerate array of dishes served. So forget about the salads and ask for a few more slabs of those Wagyu Beef Rump or grab more of those Seafood Pie or even their Asian savory dishes. Of course I only mentioned a mere faction of my favourite dishes. So really, you gotta come down yourself to truly envision their variety and savor the quality too!

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Scones are a must have for me in any afternoon tea. I mean what is afternoon tea without something buttery to spread my clotted cream upon?

I always held in esteem of Tea Lounge’s renditions. I was a little disappointed about my previous experience with them and I walked away that very day feeling baffled as to why. Did something bad happen in the kitchen that day? I really don’t know. All I know was their scones weren’t quite the same as I used to had.

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But good things are almost always worth a second chance and I very happy to say Regent’s scones are still the best! It’s little wonder why good things often come in pairs. Just paired a couple of their awesome scones with dollops of good quality clotted cream and I bet you will bound to make rooms for more!

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I really have no complains about their desserts.

I love their Strawberry Shortcake with really fresh and sweet berries all over it and the Chocolate Fudge Cake wasn’t only pleasing to the eyes but superbly rich in chocolate too! That’s what I like about the desserts at Tea Lounge. Most of their sweet dishes aren’t just made visually tempting or just for the sake of providing more variety and cakes of every sort. There’s actually quality to speak off as well as the effort invested into crafting the desserts. That’s why time and time again, I come back here just to indulge in their weekend afternoon tea buffet.

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Maybe their Creme Brulee and Tiramisu weren’t up to my standard since one tasted overly burned and the other was nothing captivating but I believe there’s always room for improvements. The assorted macarons were great but the best was their Vanilla & Winter Berry Panna Cotta which I couldn’t stopped singing praises to my tea partner about it. I am fine with or without good service but I can always appreciate a smile on the servers’ face and that is something I always see on their faces.

And considering that they actually have a proper waffle & crepe making machine as well as complimenting ice creams to go with, I think I’m more than just satisfied. I could make a fuss and rant about why don’t they do away with two seatings and just have one entire full seating instead but I’m here only to relax and chill. So as long as I’m not ignored when I need my tea pots to be refilled then I’m good with the two seating concept. You can’t really blame them since every establishment needs to make profit right?

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I was told that I would always make a request on certain dishes if I ever make another reservations and that is definitely a plus! So enough sharing and enough commenting. Will I recommend to my friends Tea Lounge’s new and improved weekend high tea buffet? Definitely I will and I know some of my friends and tea partners alike would be keen to have tea here at Regent’s lobby too.

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PS: I would like to thank Mr Martin Dell for the invitation as well as Mr Miguel Menezes and the team for the warm hospitality.

Tea Lounge
Regent Singapore, A Four Seasons Hotel
1 Cuscaden Road, Singapore 249715
Pricing: Adults: $48++, Children: $24++
Tel: +65 6725 3246
Note: This is an invited media tasting

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