The life and lies of a food blogger part I: Behind this blog…

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Among all my closer friends, I’m known as the guy with the dessert food blog. But most of them would just call me quite literally thedessertprince. It’s a title I’m more than happy to accept since I’m quite a guy who knows how to indulge in fancy afternoon tea over sweet cakes and savoury pastries.

These are some impressions that I might have been giving through my interactions with them. There maybe even more for all I know. It’s not the first time that I have friends telling me I’m flamboyant. I take it as the way I often portray myself to them but often a times, not many are aware how frugal I can be. Hence the title; The life & lies of a food blogger.

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Behind my extravagant lifestyle, I lead a simple life. I love my hawker food and I am capable of leading a life of poverty simplicity. But I just like to lavish myself in the occasional sweet treats which to others seems too much. Well, excessive is just a matter of perception right?

Visiting the next cafe and trying out the next dish then blogging the entire experience down in the blog. It seems like an obsessive compulsion really or more like a daily routine. Quite literally it’s a plan, eat, post and enjoy process. While almost everyone thinks eating is the only thing I do most of my spare time, you can be assured that this isn’t the truth. Behind all those fanciful words and tempting photos, I’ve so much to do.


The life of a prince is nothing but glamour, glamour and more glamour right? Partly true but the hard work behind the scenes. Who will know? Unless you’re a accomplished blogger too!

To sum up everything I just said. Being a blogger is never easy and even tougher as a food blogger. At the end of the day, you must find contentment and joy in what you do. That in my opinion, is the No.1 rule in blogging.

Since this is just a start of unveiling my life as a food blogger, I will share various aspects soon!

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  1. singaporeneats

    Agree with many of the points laid out in the post, I face them too! LOL

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