The life and lies of a food blogger part II: The entire blogging process


Running this blog all by myself has never been an easy task. I could ask my like-minded foodie friend to write one for me but I recon they rather be the silent readers, laughing at my silly riddle-like sentencing and occasionally telling me they enjoy reading my reviews.

 But sometimes it ain’t easy drafting out posts after posts considering that I don’t have a team of writers to rotate the writing post. Although I try to keep a backlog of post just waiting to be publish but when life gets really hectic and busy for me, I have little choice but to stop my passion for the time being and deal with life first.

In this post, I will be sharing with you the entire process of publishing every single post. From finding the perfect location for afternoon tea to selecting the perfect shot for the post. You shall see them all right here in this post!

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Desserts have always been my point of interest so most of the time, I would find myself visiting popular cafes or hidden-from-view patisseries tasting the next best tart or that fanciful cake.. Of course much to everyone’s belief, I don’t just blog about all things sweet. Given a chance, I will even blog about fashion since I am always accompanying my friends out on their shopping sprees.

But just how would I choose the place? Do I do a whole lot of research on the web about all the potential brunch places? How about asking friends for previous experience? Or even ring the restaurant just to see what’s on the menu for the day.

To be honest, I do all of the above but more often, it all depends what my partner of the day feels like eating or where I feel like going. After all, who says blogging has to be a serious business? It’s all about enjoying the fun and grow a profound appreciation for food!


I never believe in the concept of a dslr for that perfect shot. Especially not when I dont have the money to buy such an high-end product. Surely I could ask my mum to get me one but I rather use my own savings to get one instead.

I managed to get my perfect camera almost immediately after setting up my blog back in 2012. At that time, I was hesitating between a Canon S100 or a Panasonic Lumix 5. One of life’s hardest choice especially when both were almost similar in specs. I went for the latter because convinced by a personal friend’s verbal review.

Almost a year and counting, it was a decision I never regret. Not when my friends are always telling me my photos look tempting. Surely they will be moments when the perfect shots seem unattainable but after going through so many practices, I shall just summaries that photography is all about having perfect lighting with the perfect angle. Have both in place and all your photos is worth an extra glance or two.


Usually it will take an afternoon or two for me to publish a immediate post. Unless, I already have the inspiration to write that particular post. Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t have a whole lot of extra cash to spend. Fortunately, I live in a world where somethings are for free!

Take for instant, Google’s Picasa. A photo editing software with almost the same functions as photoshop.  I use it pretty intensely to edit all the delicious photo you see here, creating collages and even inserting captions whenever needed. While you might ague that Picasa isn’t the best photo editing software but I won’t complain much about it since I love the cropping and lighting effects from the free software.

Let’s be honest here, who doesn’t use photo editing software to beautify their photo shoots? It’ll be a huge lie if someone says they dont use it at all!

Chiso Zanai2 (FILEminimizer)

Then comes the final part. Typing what I think and feel about the food. It might sound easy for all of you  just reading the post before going onto the next. Sometimes, I will just have a huge mental block out of nowhere and I find myself sitting in my chair lost for the perfect word.

There are also countless moments where I find mistakes after mistakes and I have revise my sentencing so that it doesn’t sound weird or grammatically wrong. Like I keep repeating all over this post: It’s not easy when you’re doing everything alone. But after writing so many posts, I daresay my writing skill has improved quite a lot! A pretty impressive feat considering language has always been my weakest link.

Doesn’t sound easy being a blogger after all right? Surely there’s always good food and more knowledge about renowned cuisines. But they all comes with a price which is a whole lot of hard work and manual labor just to bring the delicious into you.

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