The life and lies of a food blogger part III: The laziness within…

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Being a food blogger is tough work and it doesn’t help when I’m always in my “lazy mood”. Too lazy to switch on the computer and start working on those overdue posts. Too lazy to bear through the humid weather just to reach those inaccessible parts of Singapore. Too lazy to snap pictures just because it’s hard to get the perfect angle and the list of excuses go on and on…

Surely I could attribute the imperfections and delays as fatigue from a hectic life and other responsibilities. But the truth about me is half the time I am just lazy to do anything. All I ever want to do is just laze around the couch watching my favourite channel instead of  racking my brains thinking what to write for the next post.

If my mum was reading this post, I could assure you she will agree that side of me!

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It does take a tremendous amount of motivation just to make sure this blog gets updated on a regular basis. Not to mention all the setbacks I went throughout the blogging whole process. As you would know, just about everything on this blog is done and manage by yours truly. But I learn and gain new knowledge and skills all from blogging.

Motivation comes in the form of readerships. I’m sure any other bloggers could agree the feeling of seeing their page views rising steadily tot the hundreds and thousands with each passing day. It’s like a sense of achievement or more like evidences of people’s recognition and your success. Every blogger out there might have some lofty aspirations for setting up their blog but deep inside everyone of us, we will always be thinking different ways to increase our blog’s readership.

I like to think running a blog is almost the same as practicing social work. Passion alone is never enough. What keeps all the hard work implemented are sheer determination and a whole of will power.

Still think I have an easy life as a food blogger?

Read Part I and Part II to find out more!

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