The life and lies of a food blogger part IV: Isn’t this a dessert blog?


┬áIsn’t this a dessert blog?

It’s a question I find people always asking me when they see my blog. I think everyone has the impression of me staying in the kitchen all day long whipping up something like a tiramisu with ladyfingers soaked in a strong espresso brew or experimenting old recipes with new ingredients. I could totally see myself doing all these if only I have a fully furbished kitchen to spare.

Maybe I should just stick to reviews about desserts instead of writing something about cze char dishes. I could just visit and blog about all those cafes with wonderful tempting delicious desserts and forgo sharing the finer things in life and my once-in-a-while reflections.

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But this isn’t a commercial blog to speak off and I have little intention to depend on this little space to earn big bucks either. I began with the mindset of recording what I eat and sharing what’s worth indulging and what’s worth avoiding. Not surprisingly after two years of blogging, I still have the same exact thinking. Surely I could include an array of ads on the sidebar, raking in some cash and constantly thinking ways to increase my blog’s traffic.

So what if you gain popularity or more media invites?

I’m always seeking the finer things in life. It’s almost like an endless search about what it means to lead a truly satisfying life. It’s true that being recognise as an accomplished renowned blogger of your preferred genre is what most of us, virtual writers yearn and seek. But I believe that there’s a price to pay and sacrifices to be made to really achieve what we wish.

Most people might not see it and just think it’s all fun and games when we (bloggers) snap a few happy photos and publish a well-written post. But behind the scenes, who will know the raking of our heads just to put our thoughts into proper words can be a challenge all by itself and as for the sacrifices? Does losing sleep over writing reviews or spending lesser time with your loved ones sounds worth it to you?

Maybe for the fame and privileges it might sound like a really good deal.


But not for me. That’s not what I truly seek.

I seek to enjoy life at my own pacing despite living in a society that strives for excellence. I’m a Christian and I truly believe He whom you believe in, will provide.

I might receive lesser invites and be less recognised than other bloggers but I can always count on my family and friends to tell the whole wide world to read my blog. I might not publish a post daily because I choose to spend my free time with other commitments. I might not have a 100% dessert blog but I managed to showcase all the other wonderful not-for-dessert places too!

At the end of the day, I like to be contented with my own accomplishments instead of feeling envious about other instead.

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  1. FoodieFC

    Stats, invites are not that important. Its more important that you like what you are doing=)

    • thedessertprince

      Yup! I totally agree.

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