The Line Shangri La Hotel Singapore: The Captivating lunch experience

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The Line of Shangri La Hotel has always pride itself as one of the best international buffets in Singapore. Best not just in terms of the quality of food but quantity and variety too. If I didn’t get my facts wrong, the line actually has 16 different stations spread across the sleak white immaculate room to boost about. It is quite literally a feast fit for royalty don’t you think?

It’s almost like my ideal lunch buffet given the fact there was almost everything the I can ever wished for. From starters like salmon tartare roll and a salad bar with all sorts of greens to oven-roasted duck and the eat-all-you-can sushis and sashimis. I would reckon it’s almost impossible to have everything in just one luncheon! The variety of raw ham and gourmet cheese might not rival the cheese room of Basilico but I assure you quality at The Line is never compromise.

With an international buffet theme, one should not be surprised to see Malay satays, Chinese dim sums and even Indian curries and rice too!

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But if you must ask me what really captivates me about my lunch experience here. Then I will tell you it’s their dessert station. I mean how could you not be awed when you see one entire kitchen dedicated to just showcasing desserts?! Fruit tarts, cheesecakes, chocolate cakes and even carrot cakes! Should I even tell you about how awesome their durian cake was too? But anyway these were all just the tip of an iceberg. Just as one cake clears off, they just refill the space with another one and another one until the buffet officially ends.

My lunch partner and I were really lucky to be able sit just beside the dessert booth. Never mind if the table is filled with our favourite food for most of the time. Our thoughts were literally quite occupied just by the sight of their dessert spread. I mean how to stay focus slurping fresh oysters off the shells or nipping sweet crab leg meat off the hard shells when you’re constantly distracted by such awesome view?

Forget about seaview or live preview. If you’re talking about dining at The Line then I’m requesting  for the dessert view!

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Their desserts don’t just limit only cakes and pastries. The Line actually has an yogurt machine for the health conscious folks as well as an array of toppings that might just put most yogurt shops to shame. Assorted soberts to go with freshly made crepes anyone? And what did I tell you about the sighting of an towering chocolate fountain with fruits and mashmallow to dip in?

Such is the dessert lover’s paradise… 

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I can go on and on just talking how wonderful their desserts were but that’s only one out of the 16 kitchens they have. The sushis spread were equally amazing but countless past buffet experience has led me to stay clear from them. Don’t be mislead to think they aren’t fantastic. I just believe in strategic eating and eating what’s truly worth my calories. After all, with a buffet that has almost 100 over dishes, I can’t possibly wolf down all right?

But if you do pass by the Japanese booth at the far right end of the restaurant, then you must help yourself to their sashimis. I found the salmons and tunas fresh and of good quality. Best is when you know the chef only prepares them upon ordering. For most of the time, the raw fish are actually stored in the glass fridge.

Usually I skip the salad bars because I just don’t find them visually appealing but the same can’t be said about The Line’s version. Everything was well-presented but the dish that caught my attention has got to be the sweet melons and Parma hams. That’s the thing I love about buffets. For one fixed price, I get to eat the stuffs I love till my heart content!

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When you’re done with your starters, dive straight into their seafood like stewed mussels, cold Alaskan King Crab legs and fresh lobsters. You won’t be disappointed by their oysters which were really huge and above all sand-free! I could really wolf down a dozen or so if I needed have to watch my diet you know?

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Towards the center of the buffet spread are their western delights like roasted meat and grilled veggies. Again I skipped them all for they available in other buffet restaurants. Dim Sum for lunch? I am definitely grabbing some! Har gaos, siu mais and char siu baos but save some space for desserts yah?

Then again how could you forgo their petite liu sha baos? Green, fluffy and rather small. Wait till you tear one open and savor hot molten lava flowing down your throat!

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Skip the pastas for they weren’t up to my expectations. If you really want something starchy and filling, walk to the other end till you see copper pots. That’s where they keep their aromatic Indian biryani. I love the naans and the accompanying gravies of every sort. It’s almost impossible for me to just take a shot of everything to prove what is good and what is not. So come down one day say during the weekdays for yourself so that you might tell your friends how awesome buffet really are!

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Unlike other international buffets where coffee and tea aren’t worth commenting, The Line actually has an actual coffee machine and a barista brewing your drinks! My cappuccino was comparable to those I had at local cafes with an added twist: Free flow.

90 minutes into our scrumptious lunch and the timing couldn’t be better. For diners from other tables have begin picking desserts off the shelves. Surely we have no need to join in the queue since we are just sitting beside heaven made on Earth right? But how wrong we saw the queue just gets longer and longer…

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So really, when you’re done with your meal, just jump straight into their desserts! Or maybe order a few crepes and soberts to kickstart your dessert feast! Nonya kuehs and prune tarts. These aren’t easy-to-make desserts. So you really gotta give these chefs credits for just making them and just a side note. Be sure to be quick to pick them their creme brulee. They do get clear off really really fast.

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I think it’s way too early to say The Line at Shangri La Hotel was the best meals I had in 2013. But given the fact that my entire lunch experience was superbly fantastic and I really couldn’t find any fault about their service either, I wouldn’t mind declaring The Line as one of the best desserts international buffets I had in Singapore.

Dinner at established hotels are always more expensive. So if you’re working within a certain lunch budget, then go during their lunch seating ($48++) which in my opinion is worth very single cent. Do make a reservation on their site to enjoy a 15% or 20% discount off your bill.

The Line
Shangri La Hotel
22 Orange Grove Road, Singapore 258350
Tel: +65 6213 4275/ 4486

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