The Mayor Of Tiny Town Cantonment Road Singapore

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Being a food blogger often means I am always on the lookout for new places and new culinary experience to blog and share about. That would also mean I will rarely visit a  particular place more than once in a short period of time unless 1) the food was superbly fantastic or 2) I just need to satisfy my cravings for that period of time. Otherwise, I would most likely visit a new cafe or novel restaurant to blog and share with friends and readers alike.

But I can’t say the same for this cafe. Twice I visited the place for brunch and each time, I walked out with a utmost feeling of satisfaction while wishing I never ordered so much. Then again, it wouldn’t be me for I love my table filled with food and take my time devouring all. That’s the Edward I believe everyone knows…

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 The Mayor Of Tiny Town as the cafe was called was just the place. Upon entering the place, I fell in love with the simplistic vintage design with old-school items dangling off the walls that feels like I’m walking in a house of an antiquarian. For a guy to declare and publicise the previous statement shows a lot about the overall design of the cafe. Even the cups they used are worth a few snapshots!

Menu is limited to two pages, front and back but definitely more than enough to choose from if you’re here for brunch. Food prices fall just under $16 while the drinks are definitely cheaper than most cafes. And if you really have to compare, I think MOTT coffee beverages are far more better than most cafes.

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On my first visit, a weekend brunch, we started with the Blue Salmon ($15.90) which is a salmon fillet with bols blue curacao infused with lemon ginger mint tea butter then stacked above a puree of baked eggplant and beautfilly surrounded by salad. I don’t usually  go for salmons but MOTT’s rendition would do just fine with the bols blue curacao butter and fresh flaky fish fillet.

Avocado Sandwich ($9.90) was their only vegetarian sandwich out of four choices. Nothing fancy to boost about if you have to know but the portion was more than enough for two to share.

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Another thing about me is my must-have desserts mentality. How can I ever emphasis to my friends that ending every meal on a sweet note is the most important thing mankind should ever do!  I just can’t leave the place knowing that they have specialty desserts listed on their menu!

I heard much raves about their sweet and savoury waffles but if waffles doesn’t make your day, try opting for the Mayor’s Mischief ($14.90). How nostalgic it gets when cotton candy meets affogato. Upon arrival, diners will be told to pour espresso onto the fluffed up cotton candy and watched in amazement as the soft cotton dissolve into the bowl.

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Supposedly you’re to enjoy the hard candied sugar together with the affogato and mixed nuts together but I prefer tearing bits and pieces of the cotton before dousing everything in hot coffee. I thought this was one of the most innovative desserts. I bet many of you out there wouldn’t know eating desserts can be that fun right?

Just make sure you go easy on the expresso. It does gets a bit overbearing so don’t pour everything in.

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On my second visit which was yet another weekend brunch, I decided to stick with the classic dishes like their Benedict’s Eggs ($14.90) and Royal’s Eggs ($15.90). Generous hollandise sauce drizzled upon two perfectly poached eggs and meat of the choice with a scone base which soaks up all the hollandise sauce. Now that’s what I call a good Egg Benedict or Egg Royale whichever you prefer.

My trip to MOTT has lead me to realise that being a food blogger isn’t just about sharing where is the next in-place or what’s worth eating at any eateries. It is about being truthful about what you share and enjoying whatever cravings that comes up on your mind. Whatever it is, I am just glad to have friends and family members to share my meals and joke about the sweeter things in life.

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If there’s a third visit, it would surely be the cravings I have for waffles!

Note: According to fellow bloggers, MOTT has closed down.

The Mayor of Tiny Town
61 Cantonment Road, Singapore 089757
Tel: +65 6222 7089

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