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Ohh look. Edward is having tea with one of his dolled up tai tai friends again.

That’s the kind of impression most of my friends have when they see the photos on my instagram. I think they are just envious of me being surrounded by pretty ladies most of the time. I don’t really care about what others think of me. After all, what could me more important than sipping tea?

It’s been years since I last sat by the table of posh tea set which The Rose Veranda is so known for. They might just be the only known tea lounge in Singapore that uses silverware instead of the standard stainless steel. It does speaks a lot about Shangri-La attention to details. This is also also one of those few hotel tea rooms that serves one full seating (11.30am to 6pm) instead of the usual two on their weekday afternoon tea buffet too.

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Our table had a splendor view overseeing the entire lobby court with hanging crystal chandeliers as backdrop. Almost immediately a complimentary iced drink while we take our own sweet time choosing tea from a whooping 167 TWG tea selection menu. Just looking at their Earl Grey selection alone is enough to give me a headache. Consider their top 10 popular tea with Shangri La Tea as my utmost recommendation for a fruitier tea blend but take note that each guest is only entitled to one blend of tea so my advice is to agree among your fellow partners on the first pot and share. Once you need to freshen your taste palate then seek to change the pot.

The complimentary drink wasn’t a superbly fantastic glass but that’s the other highlight of having afternoon tea here. Every now and then one of those well-dressed hotel hotel staffs will walk up to you bringing some savory or sweet dishes that ain’t available on display. While not all their bite-sized treats were worth going for second and third helpings, the attention rendered just assured my high tea partner and me that we aren’t forgotten or just here to eat.

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Excellent service is utmost important considering we consumer pay so much just to eat. As much as I’m smitten by the complimentary Vanilia and Peach Sorbet, I do wish their servers were more attentive when I need my tea pot to be refill or my table to be clear. It does get especially annoying when you are seated so far from the staff counter.

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The buffet spread is limited and it doesn’t look exactly like how I envision my ideal afternoon tea to be. But I understand that different restaurants has different concept about running a good tea party. So I shall not be overtly fussy about variety but I do find most of their dishes somewhat similar to the lunch buffet I had at The Line. Even the cakes and pastries on display are the same exact ones I saw off the dessert shelves at basement 1.

I thought there ought be some variations since one’s a international buffet while the other mostly cater to tai tais who want bite size treats to go with tea. Sadly there’s almost no difference although there was a DIY Laska station at the veranda but that’s not something I look forward to when I’m having a leisure afternoon tea.

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If you get what I mean then skip all the heavily sauced and fried food and dive straight into eating cheese! Red Cheddar and Gruyere were my usual hard cheese but the my new found favourite has definitely got to be the semi-soft pasteurised cow’s milk cheese, Port Salut. I love the smooth velvety texture and it’s isn’t excessively pungent for a matured cheese. You can pair cheese with assorted fruits and anyway you deem fit but I like mine to over sliced ham and bread.

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And then what’s next you might ask. Well you can grab a couple of Dim Sums or Assorted Sushis & Sashimis if you want but I’m helping myself to more breads instead. Especially worth showcasing is their Smoked Salmon Croissant which had signs of a good French pastry being so airy and flaky. It left me wondering if they had a baker in the kitchen crafting such good stuffs and I could only wonder until someone could confirm my suspicion.

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If I weren’t as attentive as to look at what other diners are having, I would have forgo my tea experience with it. It’s hidden under a heavy lid and placed behind all the cakes and other sweet treats at the dessert counter. It’s been quite a while since I last has Clotted Cream & Scones.

While The Rose rendition could suffice my cravings for the buttery pastry, they don’t taste anywhere near the best ones I had. Then again, am I expecting too much from them? All I know was that they shouldn’t have hide the scones. They should be showcased like how Tea Lounge present theirs!

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Most of their cakes were nothing worth talking about and like I said in the earlier part of this post. It just doesn’t help to know that the desserts are similar to the ones at The Line. Nothing surprising since I already tried them on my last lunch experience. But if this is your first visit, then may I suggest their Durian Cake as well as the Strawberry Short Cake?

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Forget about the panna cotta and sweet jellies too and quickly grab a few slices of Lemon Meringue Tarts before they are gone! They were really a notch above their desserts. Just ask my partner since she’s always asking me grab her more and more. Equally good were the Vanilla Ice Creams too! Judging by the generous vanilla seeds in it, this is as authentic as any vanilla ice creams can get. More points from me since they’re served on sliver cups too!

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To summaries my entire experience at the veranda, the food was really nothing fantastic to boost off and the variety of desserts on display seems marginal when compared to their international buffet counterpart. I wouldn’t just come back for the food but then again at $42++/pax with a long weekday seating, this is one place I definitely will consider coming back to chill and relax. Maybe not so soon for me but anyway do consider making an online reservation to enjoy a discounted price on your dining experience here.

The Rose Veranda
Shangri La Hotel
22 Orange Grove Road, Singapore 258350
Tel: +65 6213 4486

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