Thedessertprince’s Introduction to August 2013

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I’ve been mulling for months now and I can’t help to wonder why.

Why isn’t there a blog or someone talking and sharing all things good about my hometown, Tampines? Surely there’s something worth blogging apart from that Thai open concept restaurant shop right? But the truth is often the other way round. When I did an online search about my hometown, I could barely find something that could really reflect my vibrant neighborhood.

Tampines isn’t really that big compared to other estates and still the government decides to build an additional three more stations in the area. What more to complain but to look forward to its completion in a few years’ time?

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Although my hometown isn’t that big, I rarely venture out of the vicinity near my house along street 81. With seven coffee shops and a couple of eateries, I just don’t find the need to travel too far to eat. Especially if I crave for the standard popular hawker dishes like chicken rice or prawn mees. I think the unsung uncles and aunties here are equally worth to enter the Hawker Challenge too!

The adventurous side of me has spoken. I shall embark on a journey. To travel by bus or by bike or even walking. I want to see what this community I call home for the past 15 years of my life has install for me! I can do it with friends or with family or even just alone but the bottom line is I want to tell everyone that there’s a reason why people residing in Tampines rarely feel the need to travel too far to meet.

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I really don’t know what to expect and I’m still in the midst of planning everything. I am not sure if I could pull this off and publish my guide to Tampines at the end of the month. But one thing is for sure. You gonna read lots of reviews about hawker food and I think I might just travel on bike if the weather is just right…

So keep a lookout on my blog and to all of us who call Tampines, home. I’m doing this just for you.

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