Thedessertprince’s Introduction to July 2013

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It’s the second half of the year already?!

Time really flies when life is about savouring the next macaron or sitting by the window of a nice vintage cafe with nice cup of hot coffee gazing upon the different people passing by. Actually, that’s what I’ve been doing ever since I graduated and waiting for my National Service (NS) enlistment. I am not exactly excited entering army life but a Singapore boy got be man enough when calling is up right?

I do have a little more spare time nowadays and I’ve been thinking what I should be doing so as to make sure I spend my time wisely. Maybe pick up a few cooking tips from my mum or do a little more volunteering during the weekends. The possibilities are endless but as always, I like to take on life with an open mind and just accept life as it is.

But for the whole of this month, I just want to finish up accumulating backlog of reviews. Moral of the story: Always keep your cup of water away from the computers. Fixing them are a tedious and troublesome affair.

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